10 Most Popular Trips Covered by Travel Insurance

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With so many destinations to choose from, planning your next trip can seem daunting, and deciding whether to insure your trip even more so. To make things easier, we’ve rounded up the top 10 regions and countries that are most popular when buying travel insurance from Generali Global Assistance.

If you’re taking a trip to one of these areas, you should stop and consider why so many people buy coverage when they travel there. Then, read our explanation about why travel insurance and assistance services from Generali Global Assistance can really come in handy in each location. Or, if you just want a quick overview see: Top 5 Reasons to Get Travel Insurance

Where are people going when they buy travel insurance?


Discover the flavors of the islands or relax in an all-exclusive beach resort. Solo travelers and families alike will enjoy clear blue waters and local food and culture.

For most Caribbean destinations, the rainy season starts around May and hurricane season should be a big consideration, typically starting in June and lasting until November. Late spring is the best time to travel and if you’re traveling during summertime you may encounter travel disruptions during the rainy season. 

Navigating hurricane season may be a challenge but travel insurance can help. Our travel insurance plans provide coverage for a number of weather-related events you might encounter during hurricane season, including mandatory evacuations and flight delays and/or cancellations.

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Whether you’re planning a honeymoon vacation or exploring the countryside by train, Europe has timeless charm. Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine or dancing to Flamenco music in Spain. Activities like cooking classes and walking tours can make vacation fun for the whole family. Italy, the U.K., France, Spain and Germany were in the top countries on our list.

From simple language barriers to more serious issues like stolen passports or missed connections, travelers should be prepared for the unexpected in Europe.  In terms of helping safeguard an enjoyable trip as well as the financial investment of a European vacation, travelers should be sure to secure an appropriate travel insurance plan.

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United States (Contiguous)

For a weekend getaway or low-hassle break, traveling domestically offers travelers a wide range of options from white sand beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast to the high rolling casinos of Las Vegas. Traveling domestically can lower your trip costs and can mean less chance for customs or passport issues. Depending on where you live, some of the best beach vacations and hiking trips in the U.S. may even be within driving range.

Whether travelers are traveling several states away or halfway around the world, life’s unexpected challenges have a tendency to pop up at the most inopportune times. Domestic and international trips alike can be cancelled or interrupted due to illness; luggage can be lost, damaged, or delayed; natural disasters can lead to an evacuation of your destination – just to name a small fraction of the potential risks to finances that travelers face, even when they don’t leave their own country.

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The Bahamas islands are a cruise lover’s paradise. From Nassau to Freeport the Bahamas has more than ten ports of call, giving you a number of potential cruise lines to choose from. Keep in mind that some of the best cruise deals are available from January through March. If you’re booking a cruise, we suggest considering cruise insurance

Bahamas are also in a hurricane-zone, so travel insurance should especially be considered between June and November.


The shorter distance and frequent non-stop flights make Mexico vacations an easy trip from the U.S. Many visit popular Mexico destinations during summer and spring break to swim or lounge at the country's stunning beaches. The unique blend of Spanish and indigenous cultures makes cities like San Miguel de Allende great places for a journey. Those looking for an alternative to crowded beach destinations should consider adding Tulum. 

Travelers should stay alert when carrying documents such as IDs and credit cards when traveling in unfamiliar places. Lost or stolen wallets or passports can be a pain but our travel insurance plans include services that can help you in the event that you lose your passport. Additionally, in the event of a missing passport, we can connect you with a local Embassy or Consulate and you can be reimbursed for fees related to getting a new passport.

Also, health insurance policies may not offer coverage when traveling outside of the U.S. Travel insurance with Medical and Dental coverage can help you access the medical care you need if you fall ill while traveling. 

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Alaska’s picturesque landscape and unique wildlife have made it a popular destination for adventure travel. Is a mountain vacation in order? Denali National Park is home to North America’s highest mountain peak. Cruise the arctic circle in style or get a ground view of the Northern Lights in a luxury campsite.  

When traveling in remote areas, travel insurance with coverage for Emergency Assistance and Transportation is a good idea. If you find yourself in need of care that is not available nearby, you won’t be alone if you have travel protection from Generali. 

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Whether you’re finding your zen in Kyoto garden or cruising the Yangtze River, Asia has a lot of popular destinations to add to your travel itinerary, including some of the world’s tallest buildings

A travel protection plan can be especially helpful when traveling to places where you may not speak the language. Plans from Generali come with a slew of assistance services, including translation services. Also, a destination halfway across the globe will inevitably include some travel connections, and the more connections you need to make, the more likely it is you might be delayed or lose bags. Travel insurance can help with these situations.

Asia is home to many adventurous food specialties, but things like uncooked seafood may put you at risk for a food-borne illness. If you’re a seasoned traveler you understand the importance of travel insurance, especially in case of medical emergencies like food poisoning. Learn more about the Importance of Medical and Dental Coverage.

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Canada is full of wonders from the watery surge of Niagara Falls to the sharp peaks of Banff. Those in search of old-world charm should take a stop in Quebec, home to a multitude of cafes and restaurants. Foodies will also appreciate the selection of eats on Vancouver Island including teahouses and freshly caught seafood. 

Travel insurance plans from Generali are great for international travel and all plans include 24/7 Travel Assistance Services.*

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For outdoor explorers especially, Australia can be the trip of a lifetime. The country's most famous glow-in-the-dark fungus called Omphalotus nidiformis or ghost fungus make for a breathtaking nighttime light display and the country is home is to sandy beaches like the state’s famous Wineglass Bay. Those looking for the best of local dining and beaches should check out Sydney. Visiting Australia in the fall? For those looking for vacation ideas, the autumn colors in the Dandenong Ranges are a can’t miss. 

But, exploring the outdoors comes with its own set of risks that travel protection plan can help with. If you get injured on your trip, our plans include Emergency Assistance and Transportation coverage that can get you to the nearest suitable medical facility and help to return home if medically necessary. Plus, our Preferred and Premium plans include coverage for loss, theft or damage to your sporting equipment.

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Hawaii tops many dream vacation lists and is home to some of the best beaches in the States. Whether you’re exploring during the off-season or jet setting during the island’s busy season, the experience is sure to be one-of-a-kind. See the colorful reef fish and sea turtles in Hanauma Bay or building sand castles with the kids in Waikiki. 

Paradise comes with its own travel risks. Tropical storms, hurricanes and even volcano eruptions could cause mandatory evacuations. Consider buying a travel insurance plan that can help in case you encounter certain unexpected events that throw a wrench in your vacation plans.

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Wherever you choose to travel, consider travel insurance from a reputable source. And, if your destination is on this list, that means many other people traveling there have insured their trip—should you do the same? Planning for the unexpected can reduce stress and make for a much more relaxing vacation

* Telemedicine service, one of the 24/7 Travel Support Services includede with Generali plans, is available during your domestic or international trip. Limitations may exist on the availability of prescription medication outside of the U.S.


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