6 Tips to Help Plan Any Trip

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We all look forward to our next getaway, but vacation planning can be daunting. Picking a destination is just the beginning. Here are some travel tips to help you get on the right track when you plan a trip:

Vacation Planning Tips

1. Use multiple research sources. Before choosing your destination and accommodations, be sure to consult multiple travel websites or books. Doing your homework before you plan a trip will help weed out anything suspicious.

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2. Start saving now. Get an estimate of how much your vacation is going to cost and start saving money early—even if it's a year or two out. Here are a couple of creative ways to save. Check to see if you can open a bank account with no fees specifically for this trip. That way you won't be tempted to spend the money until it's time. Start putting all of your loose change in jar. You'd be surprised a t how quickly it can add up.

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3. Cut out the middle man. Search aggregate travel websites to look for travel deals on transportation and accommodations. But before you pay, be sure to check individual vendor sites as well. You might save money by buying direct. For example, Southwest doesn't show up on some aggregate sites, and it may offer the lowest fare. You may have more control over making changes to your itinerary if you book separately as well.

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4. Check for freebies. If you don't mind playing things by ear, then ask for an upgrade upon arrival. Sometimes you get an upgraded hotel room or plane seat for free. Also, check to see if the places you're visiting (like a national park) offer free admission on certain days of the year. As you plan a trip, look for deals on sites like Groupon or LivingSocial. Book same day hotel lodging using an app to get a discount and always ask if hotels offer free WiFi and breakfast.

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5. Use a travel agent to book a cruise. Travel agents are most likely going to be able to get you the best deals on cruises and they can offer a wealth of travel tips. Plus, if anything goes wrong, they will be able to use their connections to help you fix it.

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6. Protect your trip costs. For a fraction of your overall trip cost, you can buy travel insurance to help protect your vacation investment from certain unexpected mishaps. Americans budgeted an average of $1,770 for their summer vacation.¹ That's a lot of money that could be lost if you need to cancel your trip. While you plan a trip, think about whether you're spending more on your vacation than you can afford to lose. If so, you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance.

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With some extra vacation planning and saving, your dream trip is right around the corner.

Think about travel insurance while planning your trip
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