Map: How Likely is it that a Hurricane Will Hit the U.S. this Season?

Hurricane season, the time of year when storms can seriously wreck trips to popular vacation destinations, happens every June through November. If you're traveling to the Atlantic or Gulf Coast, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico or another hurricane hotspot, you should check the forecast and plan ahead. 

How can you help protect your vacation from being ruined by a hurricane? One way is to get travel insurance before a storm is named. Plans from Generali Global Assistance can provide coverage for a variety of weather-related events.

Check the map above to see what the probability is that a hurricane or tropical storm will hit the states that are at risk during the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season. If you're traveling to one of the hotspots during hurricane season, read below to see what could happen to your trip and how travel insurance can help. If you live in a hurricane zone, see why you should consider travel protection for your trips near and far.

I've used Generali before and a hurricane interrupted our trip and Generali made reimbursement quick and easy.
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How storms can impact a trip and how travel protection can help

All of our plans can cover you for certain events caused by hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical cyclones and typhoons that can wreck your vacation.

Trip Canceled

If you’re forced to cancel your trip, how much of that prepaid trip cost could you get back? Travel insurance can help you recoup losses for approximately 20 different types of events that could cause you to cancel your travel plans. If your destination is under mandatory evacuation or the lodging at your destination is destroyed by a hurricane and you have to cancel your trip, our travel protection plans can provide coverage. You even have coverage if your own home is made uninhabitable by a hurricane and you cancel your trip.

Trip Interruptions and Missed Connections

If your trip is interrupted because of something like a canceled flight due to adverse weather or a medical emergency, it could cause a ripple effect across the rest of your trip. In that case, Trip Interruption coverage can help you get reimbursed for non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs that weren't used and additional transportation costs to return home or rejoin your group.

Some of the scenarios our plans can help cover include:

  • Government order to evacuate once at your destination
  • A hurricane reroutes your flight, delaying your arrival

Medical Emergencies

Our travel insurance plans can help you with a wide range of medical needs on vacation. If you’re injured or become sick while traveling and have to seek treatment, your medical expenses can be covered. If the situation is severe enough that you have to be medically-evacuated, that can also be covered, up to the coverage limits.

45% of U.S. adults have no health insurance or are underinsured and travel insurance can help cover copays, deductibles and other payment gaps for medical services on your trip. Whether it’s a case of simply needing to see a local doctor for a sudden illness or injury that may require medication, or a visit to the emergency room, we’re there for you 24/7/365.

Learn more about travel insurance for hurricane season and beyond

Map Data Source: Colorado State University's Tropical Cyclone Impact Probabilities report


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