Best Travel Apps for Finding Things to Do on Vacation

You’ve arrived at your vacation destination prepared to relax, but you’re itching to get out, see some sites and meet new people. Finding events, concerts, activities and other things to do on vacation in a new place can be a challenge. If you haven’t made many plans for your trip, don’t worry—we’ve listed some essential mobile apps that can help you find the best things to see and do while on vacation.

Look below the infographic for information and downloads for each app or jump straight to the section about travel insurance with concierge services included that can help you find and book things to do on your trip.

Find events, tours, music, food and more with these travel apps:

1. Visit a City

Free on iOS and Android

For seasoned travelers and new explorers alike, get free access to more than 1,000 travel guides for cities around the world. The best part is you can access the travel app's maps and guides offline, so you don't need to rely on an internet connection when traveling. Learn more about local businesses, museums, and cafes and explore your surroundings.

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2. CityMapper

Free on iOS and Android

Travelers in search of easy transportation will see that CityMapper makes finding the best route simple. Whether your car sharing or taking local subways the app saves time and money in route. If your dream trip is an urban hotspot CityMapper can make getting around a breeze.

3. Zomato

Free on iOS and Android

Yelp lovers can use Zomato in countries and locations where Yelp is unavailable. Find reviews on the best restaurant and cafes when you are away for home. Order food, bookmark your favorite places, and view restaurant menus.

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4. Geosure

Free on iOS and Android

Geosure may be one of the best travel apps for safety information. It provides comprehensive street-level scores using crime and safety information from government organizations, local authorities, and crowd generated responses to assess a neighbor's risk level.

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5. Meetup

Free on iOS and Android

Whether you are a solo traveler or exploring with a group, Meetup provides a way to connect with individuals with similar hobbies and interests. Join in on a local soccer game, learn a new language, or even learn local cuisine by taking a cooking class. Essential for finding locals and things to do on vacation.

6. Withlocals Tours & Travel App

Free on iOS and Android

Who knows more about a new place you're traveling to than the locals? This travel app hooks you up with trusted local residents in the city you're visiting so you don't need to find things to do or the best places to eat - let the locals show you what's up. Really get to know your destination by seeing and doing things the usual tourists miss.

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7. Songkick

Free on iOS and Android

Are you a music lover? Download Songkick Concerts to find music acts and live venues nearby. Handpicked suggestions are displayed based on artists you already listen to, making it easier to search for artists you want to see on your trip.

8. All Events

Free on iOS and Android

Those in search for local concerts, sporting events, and local food should use All Events, an easy way to find activities to explore. Unwind in a yoga class in Paris or rock out to local music in London.

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Before You Go

Now that you've installed some of the best travel apps that will help you find things to do on vacation, consider whether a travel insurance plan is worth getting for your trip. Whether you are touring Europe or hiking across the U.S.,  a travel insurance plan can help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. From language barriers to hurricane season, you should be prepared for the unexpected, whether traveling abroad or in the U.S.

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How a Travel Insurance Plan Can Help You Find Things to Do on Vacation

If you buy a Generali travel insurance plan, you get access to travel concierge services that can help you find and book things to do on your trip. If you prefer to speak to a human, rather than poke at a travel app, we’ve got you covered. With one phone call, you can find local entertainment and get tickets, schedule tee times, find the best local restaurant, make a reservation and more. You can quickly get information on thousands of destinations worldwide and other assistance, such as:

  • City profiles: provides access to information on over 10,000 destinations worldwide, including a complete report on local entertainment, social customs, and health advisories
  • Event ticketing: assists with acquiring tickets to virtually any sporting, theater or concert event worldwide
  • Golf outings and tee times: provides referrals and tee times at golf courses around the world
  • Restaurant reviews and reservations: provides information on restaurants worldwide and the ability to book reservations from anywhere, anytime
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