How to Use Travel Concierge Services—Even Before Your Trip

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Has the concierge at a hotel ever helped you find your way around a city you’re visiting, giving great suggestions and helping you make reservations? Wouldn’t it be great to have that kind of service in your back pocket, ready to use, wherever you are during your trip, or even before it begins? All travel protection plans from Generali Global Assistance include Travel Concierge Services that can do that very thing.

Read on to learn more about the more than dozen different ways we can assist you. You can use pre-trip assistance to help schedule golf tee times, make restaurant, airline, and rental car reservations, or reserve tickets for entertainment and other special events. During your trip, if you prefer to speak to a human, rather than poke at a travel app, we’ve got you covered. With one phone call, we can help you find local entertainment and get tickets, find the best local restaurants, make reservations and more. 

Travel Concierge Services is just one of the services included with our plans, in addition to 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services, Telemedicine and Identity Theft Resolution. But, Concierge Services is the only one that you can use before your trip begins.

Use Travel Concierge Services Now

If you already have a Generali travel protection plan, you can use Concierge Services by calling 877-243-4135 toll-free in the U.S. or 240-330-1529 collect worldwide. Have your policy number ready when you call.

Note: Each plan holder is solely responsible for the cost of services provided and charged for by third parties and for the actual cost of merchandise, entertainment, sports, tickets, food and beverages and other disbursement items. Reservations are subject to availability.

To help you understand the benefits of this service, we put together some details about specific things our Concierge can assist you with and scenarios where they might be most useful.

For example: Julia is taking time off work and getting ready for a tour of Europe and she is doing all the planning herself. She bought a travel protection plan from Generali Global Assistance and decided she would use their Concierge Services hotline to help get her trip in order. When she called, a friendly operator answered and was ready to help. First off, she needed help reserving a car to tour around Italy and wanted to know more about passport requirements for her trip. 

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How Travel Concierge Services Can Help You Plan Your Trip

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Pre-trip travel assistance: provides information on travel destinations, city profiles, weather, special events, ATM locations, currency exchange rates, immunization and passport requirements as well as other related services

Rental car reservations: provides worldwide reservations through most major rental car agencies

Airline reservations: helps reserve full-service air travel accommodations to destinations worldwide

Pet services locator: helps find pet-related services such as pet sitters

Hotel accommodations: offers research and recommendations on hotels worldwide and can book reservations if requested

Meet-and-greet services: arranges for pick-ups of friends, family members or business associates at airports or other common carrier destinations by limousine personnel

Julia also wanted to know more about what she could plan while she was there—weather forecasts, entertainment, events near each of her destinations, health advisories, and great restaurants along the way. Using the concierge, she could get information on thousands of destinations worldwide and other assistance, all included with her plan. 

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How Travel Concierge Services Can Help You Find Things to Do

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City profiles: provides access to information on over 10,000 destinations worldwide, including a complete report on local entertainment, social customs, and health advisories

Restaurant reviews and reservations: provides information on restaurants worldwide and the ability to book reservations from anywhere, anytime

Event ticketing: assists with acquiring tickets to virtually any sporting, theater or concert event worldwide

Golf outings and tee times: provides referrals and tee times at golf courses around the world

See how travel insurance can help on a golfing trip

After consulting with the concierge, Julia decided on a concert she wanted to see and Concierge Services helped her reserve tickets. She chose some restaurants from the reviews and the concierge made reservations for the times she chose. In addition to her concert tickets, Julia decided she wanted a nice bottle of champagne and flowers waiting at her hotel when she arrives, so Concierge Services helped arrange that as well. 

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How Travel Concierge Services Can Help You Get What You Want

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Flowers and gift baskets: arranges for the delivery of flowers and gift baskets to friends, family members, and business associates

Epicurean needs: arranges the delivery of specialized foods and beverages to home or office, including gourmet food and fine wine

Personalized retail shopping assistance: includes purchasing selected retail items at your request (the plan holder is solely responsible for the cost of items)

Procurement of hard-to-find items: our service provider will use every means possible to obtain an obscure or exotic item at your request*

Just like Julia, if you're planning your trip, we can help you can find the best places to go and things to do if you get a travel protection plan from Generali Global Assistance. In addition to helping you protect your trip, a plan with Travel Concierge Services will assist you with restaurant reservations, show tickets, and other sightseeing activities and tours. Learn more about why you should get travel insurance, even if you’re not leaving the U.S. 

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