Travel Insurance in the US: Why You Should Get Protection for Domestic Trips

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Serious issues while traveling within the United States happen more often than consumers realize. While international travelers are more likely to recognize the importance of securing travel insurance and assistance services for their trip, as traveling abroad certainly seems to be more risky these days, domestic travelers shouldn't overlook just how valuable travel protection can be, even when you don’t leave the U.S.

In fact, domestic travelers encounter many of the same problems the globetrotting set might have to deal with. And what they may not realize is that the peace of mind that can come with travel protection could cost much less than expected, in line with less-expensive domestic travel. Further, rather than asking whether a domestic trip costs enough money to warrant travel protection, consumers might want to consider the possible costs of certain unexpected issues if they don’t have coverage.

We’ve put together some helpful tips on the benefits of travel insurance and assistance services for domestic travelers:

Life Happens

Whether travelers are traveling several states away or halfway around the world, life’s unexpected challenges have a tendency to pop up at the most inopportune times. Domestic and international trips alike can be canceled or interrupted due to illness; luggage can be lost, damaged, or delayed; natural disasters can lead to an evacuation of your destination – just to name a small fraction of the potential risks to finances and well-being that travelers face.

At Generali Global Assistance, we understand this, and have crafted well-rounded coverages that can help travelers deal with the unexpected. Our job is not only to anticipate bad scenarios, but also help ensure we provide our customers with the satisfaction that only comes with knowing they can be covered from certain, unforeseen mishaps.

What Is Covered With Domestic Travel Insurance?

Domestic travel insurance and assistance services offer valuable protection for travelers exploring their own country. Whether flying to another city, embarking on a cruise or setting out on a road trip, having the right plan provides peace of mind when unexpected events occur. 

Medical Coverage for Peace of Mind

When considering domestic travel insurance, medical coverage is a vital component that safeguards you if a medical emergency arises during your journey. Should you fall ill or sustain an injury while traveling, your travel insurance may cover your medical expenses, including hospitalization, medical treatments and ambulance services. This coverage extends to air travel, cruises and road trips, offering protection while you travel.

Trip Interruption and Trip Cancellation

Life is unpredictable, and unforeseen circumstances may force you to interrupt or cancel your trip. Domestic travel insurance may provide coverage for trip interruptions and cancellations due to covered reasons, such as unexpected illness, injury or death of a family member and more. This offers protection for your vacation investment if your travel plans are disrupted for a covered reason.

Complex Itineraries

Just as an international trip may be delayed if a traveler gets injured while walking the Great Wall of China, a domestic traveler’s itinerary could be interrupted by extreme weather in the Great Lakes region. Unfortunately missed connections can lead to anxiety, confusion and an overall feeling of helplessness. Additional stress comes from the financial costs associated with re-connecting with a travel group.

A travel protection plan can help vacationers with complex itineraries catch up quickly after a travel snafu, as long as it’s considered a covered event. If a trip is interrupted or delayed, Generali Global Assistance planholders can speak with a Travel Assistance team member to determine the best way to move forward, whether in Paris, France or Paris, Texas.

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Adverse Weather Conditions

Travel protection may cover travelers for a variety of issues should they have difficulty reaching their destination or returning home. Just as a typhoon may disrupt travel to an exotic beach getaway in Thailand, hurricane season may cause similar problems to a planned trip along the Carolina Coast.

Switch seasons, and a winter snowstorm can wreak havoc on air travel throughout the entire Northeast. Those traveling during times of the year where extreme weather conditions are a known hazard are offered multiple solutions that can cover a variety of expenses related to adverse weather conditions.

More reason to get travel insurance in the USA

Trip Delay: Coverage for Extra Expenses

Flight delays are common, leading to additional costs, such as accommodations, meals and transportation. With a travel protection plan for your domestic trip, you can claim reimbursement for these kinds of necessary expenses.

Emergency Assistance and Transportation: A Safety Net During Crises

Are you ready to foot the bill for a $100,000 emergency medical evacuation on your next trip? 40% of Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency expense, so chances are an emergency medical evacuation might hit your wallet harder than you’d like.

Luckily, you can get travel insurance and assistance services that may help bring you out of harm’s way and to the nearest suitable medical facility if you encounter an emergency illness or injury during your trip.

Baggage Coverage: Protecting Your Belongings

Lost or delayed baggage can be frustrating and inconvenient. Our plans offer coverage for Baggage Delay, providing compensation for essential items you may need to purchase while awaiting your luggage. Also, if your baggage is permanently lost, stolen or damaged, you can claim reimbursements under Baggage coverage for the value of your belongings, minimizing the financial impact of such an incident.

Whether travelers have trips planned domestically or internationally, travel protection from a reputable provider, such as Generali Global Assistance, is critical to help protect their trip investment. With the right travel protection solution in place, travelers can rest easier and focus on what is important – enjoying their trip to the fullest. 


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