What is Travel Protection? And Do You Need a Travel Protection Plan?

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When exploring travel insurance options, you may find that while travel insurance is the most commonly used term, plans are also frequently referred to as travel protection or trip insurance. If you find yourself asking “What is travel protection?” “What is trip insurance?” or “What’s the difference?”, we have some answers for you.

What is a travel protection plan?

Travel protection plans provide assistance services in addition to travel insurance coverages. For example: Travel Protection plans from Generali Global Assistance come with coverages like Trip Cancellation and Medical & Dental, plus Travel Services that include access to a 24/7 Emergency Assistance phone line.

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What is included with a travel protection plan?

All travel protection plans available from this website include a combination of:

  • Travel Insurance and
  • Travel Assistance Services,

which together help give you aid and comfort during your travels.

For example:

  • our Travel Insurance can reimburse you for medical costs if you fall and twist your ankle;
  • while the 24/7 Travel Assistance included with the plan can help you find the closest doctor or help with translation.


  • our Travel Insurance can reimburse for travel delay or travel interruption;
  • while the 24/7 Travel Assistance Services included with the plan can help you find new flights home.

The price of your Travel Protection Plan includes the travel insurance premium and the cost of the Travel Assistance Services. A detailed price breakdown of the insurance and assistance services is available by phone or email.

Travel protection with assistance services

The global travel assistance services offered with Generali travel insurance plans include:

Travel Support Services
On-the-spot and immediate assistance for unexpected problems while traveling. The hotline operates 24/7/365 for help anytime while traveling.

A service that instantly connects travelers with a network of physicians for information, advice and treatment, including prescriptions when appropriate.

Identity Theft Resolution
Provides assistance when a traveler’s identity has been compromised during their trip and is automatically included for a full 180 days starting on the traveler’s scheduled departure date. Note: the service is not available for thefts involving non-U.S. bank accounts.

Concierge Services
Includes pre-trip assistance, help making airline, hotel, rental car and restaurant reservations, event ticketing services, help scheduling golf tee times and more.

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Trip protection to the rescue

Insurance coverages and global travel assistance services can both be of use if a traveler’s trip is cancelled, interrupted or delayed due to a covered reason.

Consider this scenario:
A traveler’s flight has arrived at her port city where she’ll be setting sail for her 14-day South American cruise the next morning. She retrieves her checked bag from the baggage carousel but when she returns to her carry-on luggage sees her backpack containing her passport has gone missing. She retraces her steps and searches the airport before the traveler presumes her backpack has been stolen, files a police report and cancels her cruise.

After contacting Generali Global Assistance, the traveler is relieved to not only learn that a documented theft of her passport is a covered reason and her trip interruption coverage will likely provide reimbursement for her prepaid non-refundable cruise but also that Generali’s designated service provider can open an identity theft case to resolve potential issues related to her stolen identification and even help arrange her flight back home.

Through her travel delay and baggage coverages, the traveler can also be reimbursed for lodging, meals and local transportation while her trip is delayed in addition to her stolen backpack and personal items. With some of her stress alleviated and spirits lifted, the traveler starts to think more about when she can reschedule her cruise and less about the cruise she can’t take.

When weighing their travel insurance options and exploring the questions, “What is travel protection?” and “What is trip insurance?” travelers will note travel insurance, travel protection and trip insurance plans can help when they’re faced with a variety of stressful circumstances, time-consuming inconveniences and financial losses. Including both valuable coverages and useful services, well-rounded travel protection products can help you travel with more peace of mind on domestic or international getaways.

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