CSA Travel Protection Identifies Top Identity Theft Risks During Travel

San Diego - August 16, 2016


CSA Travel Protection, dedicated for 25 years to providing travel insurance and emergency assistance services, announced today that stolen wallets or passports, credit or debit card theft and fraud are the top identity theft risks reported by its customers this past year.

"Travelers should be especially aware of Identity Theft because they're usually carrying documents such as IDs and credit cards while traveling in unfamiliar places," said Bob Chambers, vice president of operations at CSA Travel Protection. "The Identify Theft Resolution services we offer are very robust. They come with most of our plans and include ID theft protection for 180 days after departure date."

Identity Theft Resolution Service

CSA Travel Protection offers the Identity Theft Resolution Service, which is automatically included with most of its products for a full 180 days starting on the traveler's scheduled departure date. Customers have access to this service on vacation, and after their trip, in case they don't notice the theft until they arrive home.

The Identity Theft Resolution Service includes notifying creditors about the fraud and possibly requesting to cancel affected cards and issue new ones, reporting the fraudulent activity to local authorities and forwarding a report to creditors. CSA Travel Protection's 24-Hour Emergency Assistance provider, Generali Global Assistance will assist in notifying banks or other agencies if identification such as an ATM card, passport or driver's license is stolen.

The company will provide travelers with a helpful ID Theft Resolution Kit and education about how ID theft happens and tips on protective measures for the future.

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Summer Travel Habits and ID Theft Prevention Tips

It's important to know how to prevent identity theft before departing on a vacation. More than half (61 percent) of Americans are going on a trip this summer according to a recent survey about summer travel habits, released by Generali Global Assistance. Survey results also show that Americans like to stay connected during their vacations either for work or social networking.

Generali Global Assistance provides a comprehensive list of Identity Theft protection tips for everything from cyber/online to social media and general travel.

"It's important to shred boarding passes and key cards and other personally identifiable information while on vacation," said Paige Schaffer, president, identity and digital protection services at Generali Global Assistance." Be cautious using free Wi-Fi hotspots because they might exist solely for the purpose of stealing personal data. Do not enter or access any of your personal information while on them. When traveling, the DSL connection in your hotel room is generally more secure."


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