6 Ways Travel Insurance Can Help with Identity Theft

People sometimes get careless on vacation – a side effect of a relaxing or distracting trip and being out of your element. And that can make it easy to become the victim of identity theft. What should you do first if this happens to you? If you have a travel protection plan from Generali Global Assistance, you can call us and we’ll help you get back on track.

More than 400,000 items are pickpocketed everyday around the world, and many of those are IDs of some sort.

Our travel protection plans include many services that can help with some of the most damaging aspects of identity theft:

Identity Theft Resolution Services

The first thing you need when you’re the victim of an identity theft while traveling is: you need for it to be resolved so you can get on with your vacation. The identity theft resolution protection that comes with every Generali policy can help make that happen.

While you travel, and for 180 days from your trip’s start date, Generali’s Identity Theft Resolution Services are there to help in case your identity is stolen while you travel.

The protection includes:

  • Notifying creditors about fraudulent activity
  • Assistance reporting the fraudulent activity to local authorities and submitting it to authorities, credit bureaus, and creditors
  • Helping you cancel affected cards and making sure new ones are issued
  • Helping you notify banks and other agencies if ATM cards, passports or driver’s licenses are stolen
  • Helping you report the fraud to local authorities and forwarding a report to creditors
  • Giving you an ID Theft Resolution Kit, with education about how identity theft happens and tips to prevent it

With Generali on hand to help, identity theft can be dealt with promptly on vacation or after you get home.

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Emergency Assistance Services

Emergency Cash Advance
If part of your identity theft includes real theft of cash or traveler’s checks, or if you run into unexpected expenses as a result of your identity theft – your hotel requesting you pay in cash, for instance – Generali can help arrange for an emergency cash transfer of up to $500.

Legal Referral
You hope that your identity theft problem may not get messy, but unfortunately they can get complicated – especially when foreign laws and regulations are in the mix.

Generali provides legal referral services with every plan, so it can put you in contact with an attorney who knows the local laws and speaks your language.

Translation Services
If you’re a victim of identity theft in a country where you don’t know their language and vis versa, or if things are getting too technical for your limited knowledge of the language, having access to someone on your side who is fluent in the local lingo is a huge boon.

Generali’s travel assistance services can provide interpretation help for all major languages and help you access a translation service for written documents.

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Making it easy to contact the nearest embassy or consulate
Often one of the most important steps you can take in the case of identity theft while traveling is to contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Don’t know where to turn or who to talk to? Generali can provide referrals and introductions to the right people at the right office.

Trip Interruption coverage
If identity theft includes the theft of your passports and/or visas, and makes it impossible for you to continue your travels, Generali’s trip interruption protection will not only reimburse you for prepaid trip costs for unused arrangements associated with the remainder of your trip, but can assist with booking your transport back home, if necessary.

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You may not have automatically associated travel insurance with identity theft protection, but just as it is for a wide range of travel mishaps, Generali Global Assistance is on board and ready to help.

Get a quote today and see for yourself.


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