Top 5 Tips for Taking a Relaxing Vacation

man and woman enjoying a relaxing vacation with drinks on the beach at sunset

Identifying what types of activities, environments or feelings cause you the most stress could be the key to enjoying a relaxing vacation this summer. Consider a few of the most common causes of stress and how you can structure your relaxing vacation to minimize stressors and make the most out of your summer time away.

How to Relax on Vacation

1.    Settle on a budget and stick to it

Money worries remain among the leading causes of stress in America today. Our recent survey of Americans and Europeans alike revealed travelers are vacationing with comparatively smaller budgets this summer so if you’re one among many feeling financial pressures you might benefit from setting yourself a fixed budget and committing to following through on your plans in order to have a stress free vacation. There are a number of ways to be creative and enjoy a relaxing vacation on the cheap, from renting a vacation rental to catching a last-minute deal to exploring alternative lodging options, like camping─a practice that’s become more popular in recent years, particularly among American travelers.

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2.    Take a break from work

Nothing goes hand in hand with financial worries like office stress. Forty percent of American workers experience office stress and Americans were found to be most connected to their work compared to other nations recently surveyed. One quarter of Americans even list work as the most significant source of stress in their lives. Disconnecting from your work environment and enjoying your present surroundings at an exciting new destination could be the perfect remedy to getting away from office stressors and enjoying a stress free vacation.


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3.    Decrease your screen time

Recent research from the American Psychological Association shows those who constantly or often check their text, email and social media accounts, labeled “constant checkers,” experience higher stress levels than those who take breaks from regularly checking their devices. Workers who checked their work email on their days off are found to experience even higher levels of stress. These technology-driven stressors in combination with stress surrounding the current political climate can result in less than relaxing screen time. When thinking about how to relax on vacation this summer, finding ways to enjoy yourself while decreasing your time spent online could be key to unlocking the relaxing vacation you’ve been needing.

4.    Recognize acute stress

Acute stress is the most common form of stress in our lives and is healthy, even exhilarating and energizing, in small doses. Sources of acute stress range from the immediate demands of physical activity to anticipating where you’re taking the family for dinner later in the evening. While engaging in small amounts of acute stress can be a great way to try new activities and enjoy a stress free vacation to the fullest, it’s also important to recognize the symptoms of too much acute stress in order to avoid mishaps and have a relaxing vacation. Plan your activities with adequate down time in between to prevent over exertion that could lead to injuries or other ailments while keeping in mind accidents happen to everyone. Ensure you have adequate medical coverage and emergency medical transportation coverage for your trip to help minimize stress and fully prepare for a relaxing vacation before you depart.

5.    Enjoy yourself

Some American travelers may be suffering from chronic stress due to lack of self-care, among other factors. Vacation is a great time to put yourself first and try fun, new activities with those you care about most; add a few to your itinerary to plan a relaxing vacation everyone will remember for summers to come.

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