Family Vacation Ideas for Summer and Beyond

Family vacation fun on the beach

Sure, every family needs that road trip to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone, and that flight adventure to a theme park, but where else can you go as a family? Here are some family vacation ideas, from the popular to the little-known and underrated — theme parks, beach trips, tours and even family reunion cruises.

Coming Up With Family Vacation Ideas

Here are some fun tips to spice up your travel planning:

  1. Put all the states or a bunch of varied destinations in a hat, and draw one out each year. You might get Rhode Island, or you might get Hawaii. That’s part of the fun!

  2. If you’re going abroad, take trips closer to home to get a feel for your destination. Headed to Europe? Canada can be very British or very French. Asia? Try the Asian quarters in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Vancouver. 

  3. Two years in advance, commit to a big trip – Europe or a family cruise. Then start saving change and small bills in a jar to help fund the trip. Those small amounts can really add up!

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Family Vacation Ideas that are Less Crowded

It happens every year—you arrive at your long-awaited beach holiday destination, only to find that it's packed with everyone else who had the same idea! Skip the crowds this year and check out these quieter family-friendly destinations.

Cultural sites and museums: Forget Paris and Rome

Krakow, Poland - culture capital, renowned for its beautiful Renaissance castles and architecture.

Petra, Jordan - ancient city known for its stunning rock-cut buildings.

Break in the City: New York Alternative

Montreal, Canada - a vibrant cultural metropolis filled with theatres and art venues.

Family-fun in the Sun: Caribbean and Australia

Madagascar - amazing landscapes, quiet beaches and impressive wildlife.

Malta - sandy beaches and delicious local dishes.

Kerama Islands, Japan - home to some of the clearest water in the world, making them ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Winter Getaway: Alps No More

Gulmarg, India - reputed to have some of the best powder in the world for skiing.

Ljubljana, Slovenia - fairytale castles, ice skating rinks and snow-filled vistas galore.

Caithness, Scotland - fantastic views of the Northern Lights from its stunning coastline and charming fishing villages.

Destination Orlando

Orlando, Florida, is home to a vast array of theme parks designed to entertain and amuse kids of all ages. The Disney parks combine nostalgia with up-to-the-minute rides and experiences. Other Orlando-area attractions can keep an extended family busy doing everything from viewing wildlife, to riding roller coasters, to floating on a lazy river at a water park. There’s a reason Orlando is consistently ranked among the top destinations for family vacations in the U.S. The city offers a wealth of exciting group activities in a sunny, warm climate with affordable accommodations and dining. 

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Family Vacations Abroad

For the adventurous family, a trip to England offers a look at famous historic sites along with the chance to see where Harry Potter caught the Hogwarts Express. London makes an excellent entry into European travel with children by combining British history with the activities and thrills of a fast-paced megalopolis. The food and language are very familiar, yet the castles and palaces are unique and mysterious. Walking across the Tower Bridge and rotating around the London Eye make for unforgettable family vacation memories.

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Hit the Beach

The annual beach week on the Carolina or California coast is another popular family trip. An extended family can benefit from the flexibility offered by a fully-equipped home to make family meals, enjoy movie night and gather by the pool. A large vacation rental house offers the opportunity for younger ones to hit the beach early and then head inside for an afternoon nap. In the evening, a moonlight stroll and flashlight tag on the beach are delightful group activities. It’s a family vacation solution that works for most budgets, accessibilities and schedules.

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Time for a Family Reunion Cruise

Many families hold their reunions aboard a cruise ship. Cruises offer the convenience of overseas travel without all the planning and logistics. Numerous activities will keep the extended family as busy as they want to be with shore excursions or lazy days spent poolside. 

On-board restaurants offer a plethora of family dinner options for palates ranging from plain and picky to sophisticated and gourmet. On a family reunion cruise, after-dinner shows, dancing and bingo night offer a chance to strengthen family bonds over lively group activities, but cruise ships also offer plenty of places to escape to when you need some time to yourself!

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When taking a family vacation, consider a travel insurance plan that can cover your group. Our plans can cover up to 10 people on the same trip. So, if the worst-case scenario strikes you could have the budget to try your trip again next summer.

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