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Every voyage deserves the added protection of travel insurance designed with cruising in mind. It’s one of the best ways to cruise smarter – and enjoy your trip more. Travel insurance can help protect your vacation investment from certain unforeseen events that could upset your travel plans and cost you. Trip insurance plans from Generali Global Assistance include coverages that are most important to cruise travelers.

What if I get sick on my cruise?

Cruise trips pose potential health hazards, and staying informed and prepared for those dangers can help travelers fully enjoy their vacations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that cruisers might encounter viral illnesses or seasickness, and respiratory illnesses are common aboard cruise ships. Chronic conditions could also unexpectedly worsen as a result of cruise-related stressors such as changes in diet or climate.¹

If you have travel insurance and experience a sickness or injury on your cruise trip, you can be reimbursed for medical expenses that might otherwise cost you a bundle.

On-board treatment isn’t necessarily free and health insurance doesn’t always follow you on your trip.

Cruise travel insurance can offer a global solution if your health insurance provider doesn’t extend coverage outside of the United States.

  • Medicare, in particular, may not provide coverage internationally. 
  • Cruise insurance plans can also help in the event of a medical emergency. Medical evacuations by air ambulance can cost $50,000-$100,000 and must be paid in advance by travelers who don’t have insurance. 2
  • Cruise travel insurance plans from Generali provide travelers with access to a 24/7 international emergency hotline and coverage for emergency medical evacuations.

What if I have to cancel my cruise?

If you’re forced to cancel your cruise trip, how much of that prepaid trip cost could you get back? There are often cancellation penalties tied to travel purchases, especially cruise trips, and you could get a portion of your trip costs back or none at all. Those penalties tend to get more severe as the departure date gets closer. This is where travel insurance with Trip Cancellation coverage can help you. 

Many things can happen between the time you book your cruise and the start of your vacation that could affect you or your traveling companions or family members and force you to cancel your trip—sickness, job loss, and even flight cancellations due to adverse weather or an airline strike. Luckily, travel insurance is a small investment against the full cost of a cruise and Generali Global Assistance plans include Trip Cancellation coverage that can provide reimbursement for a trip that is canceled for a covered reason. This could be an especially important coverage if you’re cruising during hurricane season.