Free Things to do in Rome: Museums, Parks, Walking Tours and More

Free Rome walking tour
Free Rome walking tour (Photo by Christopher Czermak on Unsplash)

Whether you're looking forward to seeing the Colosseum or St. Peter’s Basilica, there are likely a number of destinations on your Roman-must-see list. With so many attractions, the cost of sightseeing can add up, so it makes sense to include some lesser known gems that are easier on the wallet.

To get you started, here are our top five free things to do in Rome:

Free things to do in Rome infographic

Outdoors and Walking Tours

The best way to learn about the city’s most famous sights is to do a free Rome walking tour. Tours last two hours and run twice a day every day, but tours fill quickly so booking in advance is key. In addition to free Rome tours, you can also eat like a Roman on a food tour

Need help choosing the best tour for your Europe vacation?

Basilica de Santa Prassede

For a bit of old world charm, discover the 9th-century Basilica de Santa Prassede, the most interesting Roman church you’ve never heard of. The church dedicated to Saint Praxedes, who protected Christians from persecution and buried those she couldn’t save in the nave’s well. While there you will see a wealth of beautiful mosaics, and even what is claimed to be a piece of the column Christ was tied to before he was crucified.

Explore the Quartiere Coppedè

The Quartiere Coppedè, designed by Florentine architect Gino Coppedè, this whimsical neighborhood is one of Rome’s best-kept secrets. With a fantastical mix of sculpture, Tuscan turrets, gargoyles, frescoes, and gardens, there’s something interesting to see around every corner.

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Stroll through Villa Borghese

Rome’s most beautiful park, Villa Borghese, is a must-visit free attraction. With museums, landscaped gardens, and lakes spread over 150 acres, you might want to bring a picnic and be ready to soak in the atmosphere.

Museums and Galleries

Visit Museo Storico della Liberazione to uncover modern history. As the former headquarters of the SS during the Nazi occupation, Rome's history offers visitors a chilling yet profound experience. The museum exhibition includes artifacts that document the Resistance including the 1944 Ardeatine massacre. Graffiti created by members of the Resistance is still visible in the cells where they were imprisoned.

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