Travel Insurance for a Hawaiian Vacation: Why It’s a Good Idea

Taking a vacation in Hawaii? Congratulations! It’s one of the world’s great destinations – and it’s a domestic trip to boot, so no passports, no customs, and no foreign money.

But, when you add up the luxury resorts and the luxury golf-course greens fees and the airfare, Hawaiian vacations can be even more expensive than international vacations.

The cost involved to plan a trip to Hawaii is a major reason to buy travel insurance for a Hawaiian vacation. But don’t overlook these other reasons:

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Looking at these individually:

Trip Cancellation or Interruption

No one planning a Hawaii vacation wants to even think about mentioning the remotest possibility that their trip may have to be canceled or interrupted, but as the Hawaiians say: “Never turn your back on the ocean.”

It could be an illness or injury that sends you to the hospital and makes it impossible for you to make your flight. It could be a disaster hitting your home, or losing your job, or climate change hurling an unexpected hurricane at your destination.

Whatever it is, you’re not going to see it coming until it’s there, ruining your vacation. Generali travel insurance has coverage for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption built into all its plans.

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Baggage loss, damage or delay

In addition to flights from the mainland, many Hawaiian vacations require travel between islands. All these different flights on different airlines increase the chances of something happening to your luggage.

Making sure your luggage and its contents are protected is a prudent step, especially when you’re vacationing in Hawaii. Generali travel insurance plans includes coverage for Baggage and Baggage Delay that can cover your luggage if it is stolen, lost delayed or damaged.

Baggage didn’t make it to Hawaii with you? While the airline works that out, go ahead and buy a bathing suit, hit the beach, and file a claim when you get back home. Just remember to keep receipts for items you need to buy while your bags are missing and be aware of the reimbursement limits of your plan.

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Emergency medical evacuation

Hawaii may be part of the United States, but areas of the islands are surprisingly remote. If you fall down a slippery slope and break an ankle when walking through the rainforests of Kauai, getting you extricated and transported to the nearest medical facility can be difficult and expensive.

Are you ready to foot the bill for a $100,000 emergency medical evacuation on your trip?

Emergency Assistance and Transportation coverage from Generali can help bring you out of harm’s way and to the nearest suitable medical facility if you encounter an emergency illness or injury during your trip. Then, our top-notch Medical Team will help coordinate your medical needs so you can focus on rest and recuperation.

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Medical expenses

Because Hawaii is a domestic destination, chances are your medical insurance will work there. But even so, chances are if you have an unplanned visit to a doctor in Hawaii, you’ll have medical bills to pay due to out-of-network charges, deductibles or other fees.

That’s why travel insurance with medical coverage is so important. With Generali, Medical and Dental coverage is in excess of any health insurance you already have. That means it can pay what your medical policy doesn’t pay, up to the travel policy’s limit.

Medical expenses are a hassle – especially when you’re on vacation, and especially when you’re on vacation in Hawaii. Generali travel insurance with Medical and Dental coverage can lessen the hassle.

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Travel Assistance

Because Hawaii is popular and there’s so much to do, you may find yourself not having the time to track down the restaurant reservations and event tickets you want. That’s where Concierge Services come in. Every Generali plan includes access to a phone line staffed by real travel experts that can offer all sorts of travel assistance before or during your trip.

The plans also come with 24/7 Travel Assistance Services, which can provide live help with almost any emergency issue while traveling. It’s multipurpose help to make it easier for you to enjoy your time in paradise.

Of course, your Hawaiian vacation is going to be memorable. That’s a given. But is your Hawaiian vacation going to be memorable for all the right reasons? That’s where Generali can help. Get a travel insurance quote today.


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