Flying While Pregnant and Other Tips for Travel During Pregnancy

Woman in airport traveling while pregnant

Enjoying the magical time before your little one arrives is important, and taking a babymoon might be the best way to indulge. Or perhaps you’ve been asked to be in a wedding which just happens to be in Europe. Whatever the reason you’re flying while pregnant, it’s good to be prepared.

Here are some thought starters to help you plan:

Achieving maximum R&R

Traveling while pregnant can be a wonderful experience with a little extra planning. If your goal is to get in every minute of R&R possible before your due date, then take advantage of the amenities. One way is to book pre-natal massages or spa treatments at your hotel or on your cruise ship. If you’re flying while pregnant, consider checking in as early as possible to get the seat you want, ask for a seatbelt extender to make that as comfortable as possible and don’t forget relaxation essentials like a neck pillow and blanket (not one of those scratchy ones the airlines give you). Sleeping in and reading your favorite book might be a few other suggestions. These are things that may get put on hold for a while after the baby arrives, so pamper yourself.

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Talk to your doc

It goes without saying that you’re going to want to check with your doctor or healthcare provider before booking travel to ensure it’s safe. Everyone has a different pregnancy experience and different factors apply. If you’re high risk or have other health concerns, be sure to get all your questions answered before plunking down any non-refundable deposits. Ask your doctor for advice if you have long periods of sitting planned in a car or if you’re flying while pregnant. The doctor might recommend walking around to increase blood flow. If she says to drink plenty of water, then you will want to have easy access to the nearest restroom too.

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Know where to go

It’s common sense, but worth mentioning, that there are parts of the world that may be riskier than others to travel during pregnancy. If you’re in a remote country and the closest hospital is hours away by bus, then perhaps this isn’t the best time to take that adventure. Be sure to do your homework and know if your destination is safe, clean and near a reputable medical facility. 

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Work your mom network

Look online for advice on how to make traveling while pregnant easier, which you are probably doing right now. Ask other moms for their travel tips and experiences. There are many forums and Facebook groups you can join that are like a goldmine of life experience at your fingertips. You might also learn a few good recipes and maternity fitness tips while you’re at it.

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Plan your pregnancy vices

Favorite foods, teas, anti-nausea remedies and pre-natal vitamins are a few essential items you may need when traveling while pregnant. This is especially important if you’re flying while pregnant and stuck in a plane for hours. If you’ve never taken a cruise or been to a certain destination, be sure to either take enough with you to last the entire trip or find out how you can get more if you run out.

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Whether you’re planning a much-needed getaway or a business trip, may your travel during pregnancy take you to a happy place.


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