Two Situations Where “Cancel for Any Reason” Travel Insurance is Really Needed

For most people in most situations, Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance coverage (also known as “CFAR”) is probably not needed. However, there are two scenarios where CFAR travel insurance makes a lot of sense:

  1.  If you or your traveling companion are pregnant

  2.  If you or a traveling companion have a new job or are self-employed

CFAR is one of the most misunderstood types of travel insurance. People often forget that CFAR will only pay a percentage of covered travel expenses (60% of the penalty amount with Generali’s Premium plan), and that it’s significantly more expensive than non-CFAR travel insurance.

If you’re pregnant

Travel when you’re pregnant can be fraught with complications. You may not be able to go on certain excursions. Theme parks? Forget it! And a flight from New York to Australia might as well be torture.

In addition to the high potential for discomfort, there are all sorts of medical implications. What if I have false labor or other complications? What if there’s a disease epidemic where I’m headed? What if I’m worried about something happening to the baby?

Most travel insurance plans, including Generali’s, exclude any kind of normal pregnancy or childbirth. Meaning any claims related to travel issues stemming from pregnancy will most likely not be paid.

If you’re pregnant and planning to travel, read all policies carefully. If they exclude any claims related to or stemming from pregnancy, you may want to consider:

  • Altering your travel plans – changing from international travel to domestic travel, for instance
  • Buying cancel for any reason travel insurance

In general, travel insurance doesn’t cover “fear of …” sorts of issues – fear of being caught in a hurricane, fear of being affected by a terrorist incident, or fear of getting sick. Fear about those risks can sometimes be overblown, but when you’re pregnant you should be able to insure your trip costs in case you don’t feel safe traveling. CFAR makes perfect sense in this scenario.

By adding CFAR coverage to our Premium plan, as long as you are not disabled from travel at the time you buy the insurance and meet other requirements, you may get reimbursed for a majority of your trip costs if you’re pregnant and decide to cancel your trip.

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If you have a new job or are self-employed

Many standard travel insurance policies will cover involuntary job loss – but the catch with Generali travel insurance plans is, you have to be on the job for one year or more for the coverage to be effective.

Also, if you’re an independent contractor, a temporary employee, or are self-employed, coverage under that covered event is unavailable.

As with pregnancy-related restrictions, read your plan documents before you buy. Very often the crucial parts to pay attention to are in the “Definitions” section (for what defines a new job, and other job-related terms) and the “General Exclusions” section (which talks about exactly what is not covered).

With CFAR we don’t ask why you are canceling your trip, so any job-related reason for canceling your trip is covered.

A final note about CFAR

Generali’s CFAR coverage requires everyone covered under a CFAR plan to cancel their travel at the same time in addition to, the cancellation occurring 48 hours or more prior to your departure date for the coverage to provide a benefit.

Read more about plans with CFAR coverage:

CFAR may be misunderstood, but it’s also capable of providing valuable coverage under some special circumstances. If one of those circumstances involves you, it’s definitely a coverage worth considering.

And the good news is, you can get a CFAR quote on our Premium plan right now. Get started.


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