Destination Weddings & Honeymoons: 6 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Should Be Invited

As we look ahead for more reasons to travel, here’s a great one: Soon we’ll be traveling for destination weddings … and a lucky few will be traveling for their honeymoons!

Wedding-related travel is exciting – but it also requires everything to go off without a hitch, so to speak. That’s why travel insurance for a destination wedding or a honeymoon is so important – and why you should choose travel insurance from Generali.

Why is travel insurance for a wedding so important? Because it can help protect your wedding trip and honeymoon from the following dream-wreckers:

Let’s look at them all in more detail.

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Travel insurance is an easy, and effective, way to get a little extra peace of mind... We are big fans of Generali Global Assistance.

Missed Connections

If your flight is delayed due to adverse weather and your dream boat literally sails without you, you could have few options if that cruise trip wasn’t insured.

Fortunately, travel insurance from Generali comes with Trip Interruption coverage that includes coverage so you be reimbursed for the costs of catching you up with your cruise or tour in case of a missed connection – and Generali’s travel assistance can help you make those arrangements.

When you think of all the things that could possibly go wrong with a wedding or honeymoon and how they might impact your ability to get to the departure gate on time, you can see how coverage like this really makes sense.

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Storms or Other Adverse Weather

Generali travel insurance can help protect your trip if you bought coverage before a storm was named and considered foreseeable. Consider scenarios such as having to cancel your trip because a storm destroyed your destination and made it unhabitable .

Or, what about those terrible Caribbean hurricanes in 2017 that required years of reconstruction and rehab? If that was your venue, you’d want some recourse – and with travel insurance with trip cancellation protection (like that from Generali) you can be covered.

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Lost Luggage

Wedding dresses, resort clothes,–  there’s so much special packing that goes into a destination wedding or honeymoon, and it would be a shame if those special suitcases were lost, damaged or stolen, and you’d have nothing to show for them but memories.

The Baggage coverage that comes with travel insurance can help reimburse you for the contents of your luggage up to the plan limit – and the travel assistance that comes with Generali travel insurance can help you track down replacements.

There are limits to travel insurance luggage coverage, so make sure to read your plan documents, know what’s covered, and investigate supplemental coverage to cover your $10,000 wedding gown or $5,000 photographic gear.

However, for common items like clothes and some electronics, the coverage from Generali travel insurance can be a ceremony-saver.

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Medical Emergencies on the Trip

Medical emergencies when you’re traveling are never pleasant, but they can be particularly catastrophic when they happen in conjunction with a wedding or honeymoon.

It just makes sense to buy travel insurance with extensive coverage for medical emergencies for any travel related to a destination wedding or honeymoon. With that coverage in place, seeking medical care (especially in a foreign country) – and paying for it – isn’t nearly as daunting or traumatic.

In addition to emergency medical coverage, be sure to choose travel insurance with coverage for emergency medical evacuation, so your backpacking honeymoon through the rainforest doesn’t turn into an evacuation nightmare.

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Medical Emergencies Back Home

Even at a destination wedding, problems back home can still intervene.

If a loved one back home becomes sick or injured and needs your care – or another one of Generali’s 20 covered reasons – forces you to cancel or interrupt your destination wedding or honeymoon, it’s nice to know travel insurance can help protect your investment, so you can focus on the matters at hand.

Generali’s global travel assistance can also help you make the arrangements to get back home – taking one more load off your mind.

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Certain Common Travel Mishaps

It’s a destination wedding – you almost expect things to go wrong.

Because practically anything and everything can happen with a destination wedding, you need all the help you can get.

Thankfully, every Generali plan comes with worldwide 24/7 Travel Assistance, with experts standing by to help you find an emergency caterer or florist, or to help you track down theater tickets for that long-lost aunt of yours who just decided to pop in.

Given all the things that can happen with a destination wedding, and the additional help that comes with a Generali travel insurance plan, making sure you have that coverage on hand just seems like the smart thing to do.

If you agree – and a destination wedding or honeymoon is in your future – get a quote today.

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