Travel Anniversary Gifts: 6 Great Destinations for Wedding Anniversaries

Everyone knows the 50th wedding anniversary is golden and the 25th is silver, but what about the 7th or the 11th? (Copper and steel, per Brides magazine.)

If you’re thinking of traveling to celebrate some of the more off-brand anniversaries, it just takes a little creative thinking to come up with the perfect destination.

Here are suggestions for some of our favorite anniversaries with traditional gifts that might be best given in vacation form:


3rd anniversary: Leather

This may not seem like much, but considering that the first and second anniversaries are paper and fiber, you are definitely making progress. You have advanced to “Anniversary Gifts That Don’t Burn,” which is a significant step forward in a relationship.

You may have your ideas about what the ideal gift is for your Leather Anniversary, but we recommend a dude ranch. As our previous post on western ranch vacations noted, “ranch vacations are experiencing a renaissance among travelers looking for something different yet domestic.”

The ranching experience can vary from a quasi-spa experience to working on an actual working ranch, so be sure to read the description of your destination before committing to a stay.

If the full-on chaps-and-spurs experience seems like a little much, consider The Bishop’s Lodge in Santa Fe, N.M. It offers a full equestrian center plus a luxurious spa and a full range of amenities – and it’s in Santa Fe, so you know it’ll be beautiful.

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10th anniversary: Aluminum

We know how most of you celebrate this big one, the anniversary that finally gets you into double digits: Matching rolls of Reynolds Wrap. Heavy-duty.

However, if you’re looking for something different, consider this: Just south of Knoxville, Tennessee, is the town of Alcoa – Alcoa, as in “The Aluminum Corporation of America.” Large-scale aluminum production in the U.S. really began here, which is just a pretext to get you to Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Knoxville is experiencing a renaissance, with a blossoming food scene, and a music scene worth checking out.

Bypass Gatlinburg if you can and head straight to the Great Smoky Mountains, which are all that: massive and misty and something marvelous to cross off your bucket list.

The best way to experience the park is to drive deep into its interior, away from the crowds. Immerse yourself in its beauty, and then maybe buy some foil on your way back home – you know, for sentimental reasons.

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14th anniversary: Ivory

Ivory? Has the anniversary industry no environmental sensitivity?

Evidently not, or they enjoy sitting back and watching you trying to find something ivory for your sweetie, knowing the consequences of not finding something.

Desperate times call for creative measures, so consider this: A lot of the ivory sold in this country has been worked by Alaska natives from walrus tusks. Those tusks are collected on the coast of Alaska. And the best way to see the coast of Alaska is to cruise the Inland Passage.

Numerous ships and lines cruise the Passage, and they all deal in a universal truth: If you’ve never seen Alaska in person, no photo or video can prepare you for the scale of sights and sounds.

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16th anniversary: Wax

Wax? You’ve survived 16 years of wedded bliss, and all you get in return is a candle?

Ah, but there’s a way forward. The world’s oldest candle making concern is Trudon, which has been turning ceilings black since 1643. And Trudon is in … Paris!

Now we’re talking. As long as you set a pinkie-toe inside one of their candle shops, you can spend the rest of your time strolling arm-in-arm along the Seine, whispering sweet nothings in a corner café, or doing whatever else people who have been married 16 years do.

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20th anniversary: China

This one’s obvious. Don’t buy china; go to China.

China is an incredible country to visit – and they really do welcome American tourists!

The 20th is a perfect time to check out all the wonders of one of the world’s most wondrous countries: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the bustle of Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and the unbelievable food.

You probably have China on your travel bucket list. Cross it off and keep that streak going.

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35th anniversary: Coral

Same thing here. Australia’s on the bucket list, so do the Great Barrier Reef and pull double duty.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to Australia than just some coral, so on either side of your snorkeling adventure block off some time to explore Sydney (and its koala sanctuary), Melbourne, the rainforests of the country’s north and east, and the otherworldly outback.

And you might as well take a spin around New Zealand as long as you’re in the neighborhood.

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