Tips to Choose the Right Resort in Cancun, Especially All-Inclusive Resorts

It’s about time for a trip to Cancun. But there are so many resorts in Cancun, especially all-inclusive resorts. Choosing the right Cancun resort requires you to consider your travel style, your budget – and even what constitutes an “all-inclusive” resort. Read on to get our expert tips.

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1. Define What it Means to Be an All-Inclusive Resort in Cancun

The term “all-inclusive” gets thrown around a lot, but there are variations of the term that can change what’s included and what costs extra.

The traditional all-inclusive includes your accommodations and meals, drinks of all sorts, taxes and tips, and any activities or excursions. These vacations truly include everything. Some even include airfare.

The nice thing about a true all-inclusive vacation is that if you want to head down to the beach, you don’t have to worry about packing cash or stowing your purse somewhere safe. You don’t need money; it’s all been taken care of.

That’s a true all-inclusive resort. However, you should be aware that there are resorts in Cancun that may claim to be inclusive but fall short of the “all.” For instance, some resorts may offer some meals, but not at the best restaurants at the resort, or offer drinks, but only up to a limit. When looking for an all-inclusive in Cancun, read the details and make sure that it includes everything, or at least know what to expect.

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2. Match the Resort to Your Travel Style

What’s awesome about resorts in Cancun is that there are so many, it’s easy to find one that aligns with the way you like to travel and vacation.

Are you more of a laid-back beach type? Cancun absolutely has a property for you. More of a party person? Again, Cancun has you covered.

Younger traveler? Single? Older? Family? Again, Cancun has a resort that’s right up your alley – and they’re not hard to find. Some simple internet searching will leave you inundated with choices.

When you’re considering your travel style, pay close attention to spas and recreational facilities. If you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort with a golf course, is golf included as part of your fee? That’s not always the case.

Also, the spas are wonderful at many all-inclusives – but they’re not always all included in the price. Check to see what spa facilities and amenities are covered, and what you might have to pay extra for.

Of course, if you want help making decisions, it’s often a good idea to consult a travel specialist who’s been to these destinations, knows them, and can make informed, thoughtful recommendations.

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3. Be Careful About Luxury Options

When it comes to resort experiences in Cancun, there are all sorts of definitions of “luxury” experiences, and only some of them are truly luxurious – or all-inclusive.

“Luxury Included” and “Gourmet Inclusive” are all-inclusives that actually can have a higher level of included items than other all-inclusives – watersports equipment like jet skis, for instance.

For instance, some destinations may offer amenities like room and pool butlers, top chefs, gourmet cuisine, 24-hour room service, VIP lounges, and private airport transfers.

Of course, you’ll pay for each and every luxury. But if you’re feeling like you need a little pampering right now, it may totally be worth it.

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4. Get Out and See the Town

One of the cons of a Cancun resort vacation is that it can mean “all-insulated.” Because there’s no incentive to leave the property, you never do. Instead, you spend all your time there and never take in any of the local color or cuisine.

There’s nothing that says you have to settle for spending all day every day on the property. Especially while visiting Cancun, it’s a great idea to get out and see the town, either by day or at night. Ask the resort staff the safest places to go and the safest ways of getting there, and then look into excursions, tours, and local attractions.

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5. Buy Travel Insurance

Although you plan for the best for your Cancun vacation, consider getting travel insurance that can help with certain unexpected events that could throw a wrench in your travel plans.

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