Tips for Choosing the Best Senior Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has benefits for just about everyone. But for seniors, these benefits can be especially important – and that makes choosing the best senior travel insurance an imperative.

There are three big factors to consider when you’re buying travel insurance: your general health, your activities (and activity level) and the length of your trip.

If your resistance is generally low or you have a chronic condition, you’re going to want a travel insurance plan with a medical benefit and coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. That goes double if you’re making the most of your retirement and planning a strenuous or lengthy trip.

How do you know if a travel insurance policy has what you need? If you’re buying it from a travel professional, ask them – but also make sure to get a copy of the policy and read it.

You can read the fine print of Generali’s travel insurance Description of Coverage and Insurance policies here.

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on travel insurance. Get the plan you need to help protect your trip.

What does that mean exactly? 

The best senior travel insurance should offer coverage for:

Medical emergencies and pre-existing conditions

The #1 reason most seniors buy travel insurance is for the emergency medical coverage. A close second is so they have added protection if they have to cancel or interrupt their trip because of a pre-existing medical condition. 

Generali’s Premium plan can cover your pre-existing condition! Learn more.

Travel insurance with medical coverage is especially important for people on Medicare, since they only have health coverage within the U.S. and its territories.

As for pre-existing condition coverage, the problem is that not all seniors understand how travel insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions is offered, and how it works.  

Read 5 Things Most People Get Wrong about Pre-Existing Medical Conditions and Travel Insurance to learn more.

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Emergency medical evacuation

Seniors should look for two things when considering coverage that includes medical emergency and evacuation: the total amount of the benefit and any exclusions.

The amount is easy. If you’re heading anywhere where travel is difficult, you need a large evacuation coverage limit. If you thought getting in there was hard, imagine how hard (and expensive) it’s going to be getting medical transportation in and out.

Exclusions require you to read your Description of Coverage/Policy. Are traveling companions covered? Can you be evacuated to a "hospital of choice," or home, or just the nearest qualified medical facility?

If you don’t know (or can’t find) the answers, ask your travel professional. If they’re stumped, have them call the travel insurance company directly.

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Trip cancellation and Interruption

First, you need to understand what the covered reasons for cancellation/interruption are, and that means reading your Description of Coverage/Policy. You can see the list of Generali’s covered reasons here.

Second, if you feel you need more of a cushion, or are afraid of having to cancel your trip for a non-covered reason, you may want to opt for cancel for any reason coverage.

You'll pay about 50% more on average for this coverage, and you'll only get back 60% of your trip cost, so use it judiciously.

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Lost baggage

Many seniors opt for a lighter carryon, and often stow valuables in their checked luggage. As a result, lost luggage can be much more than a nuisance to many seniors.

Baggage coverage can’t bring back your valuables, but it can provide some reimbursement. And if you’re looking for the highest amount of luggage reimbursement, go with Generali’s Premium plan.

Also, the 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services included with all Generali travel insurance plans can help arrange the replacement of medication or eyeglasses on your trip.

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Travel assistance and concierge services

Did you lose your passport – or need an emergency cash transfer? These services offer on-the-spot and immediate travel assistance for unexpected problems that can arise during a trip. The hotline is available to Generali policyholders 24/7 for help anytime, anyplace while traveling.

Generali has decades of experience helping travelers. There aren’t many travel issues our people haven’t encountered. It’s good to have resources like that on your side when you’re traveling and need help.

Seniors love to travel; in fact, many have been waiting their whole lives to retire and travel, and now’s their time. Travel insurance can help protect their adventures if they choose the right plan.


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