The Best Travel Tours For Seniors: What to Look for and Where to Go

Choosing the best travel tours for seniors is a daunting task. Everyone travels differently, and everyone wants something different out of travel. However, when looking at some common characteristics of the best senior tours, these rise to the top:

Tips for Choosing the Best Senior Travel Tours

1. No single supplement: Many tour operators charge extra for someone traveling alone. Since seniors are more likely to travel solo, avoiding this extra cost is a must.

2. Ability to accommodate various activity and mobility levels: Not everyone is able to dash around Roman ruins or scramble up steep hills. Tours for seniors need to acknowledge and accommodate different capacities for getting around. This may mean more leisurely schedules … but that’s not a bad thing.

3. Varied and interesting itineraries: The search for authentic experiences isn’t limited to Millennial travelers. Seniors also want to see and do more than the usual tour-bus things. It’s up to tour operators to provide them in ways that don’t conflict with the previous two points.

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Taking all of that into consideration, here are some of the best tour destinations for seniors looking to see the world:

Top Tour Destinations for Seniors


What are the best things about Italy? It’s hard to choose, but if pressed the answers might be: food and art. Those are perfect reasons to tour with a group. There are many food-and-drink-based tours of the country, built around a cuisine (Roman, Milanese, Sicilian, Tuscan) or a type of food or drink (pasta, cheese, wine). Similarly, there are amazing art museums throughout the country, from Rome to Florence and multiple spots in between. Touring with a small group takes care of the tough stuff (like admission tickets and transportation) without crowding the scenery too much.

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Similar to Italy, anyone looking to taste the country’s food and drink or sample its art would be well-advised to do it via a tour. Tours have become so personal and specialized these days that someone looking to visit the landscapes that inspired the Impressionists or follow the culinary trail of M.F.K. Fisher can find a tour to do that. And small-group tours can line up the experts and the venues that you’d be hard-pressed to do on your own.

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As a rule of thumb, the more “foreign” the destination, the more a tour makes sense. While Egypt is a popular tourist destination, getting around can be quite a foreign experience, whether it’s navigating the crowds at the airport, driving in Cairo without injuring yourself, or striking the right deal to visit the Pyramids. A tour can pick you up at the airport, whisk you through the city, and make your Egyptian experience the breathtaking glimpse of an ancient culture that you had hoped for. 


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Similarly, Israel has some idiosyncrasies that can make it a difficult destination for solo travelers. For instance, it’s especially important to be mindful of what you wear, as modesty and a dress code is expected in certain areas. In addition, there are areas of the country that are so off-limits to travelers that you can be arrested just for being there. To see the things in Israel you want to see safely and appropriately, a tour is your best bet.



One of the challenges with visiting China is size. The other major challenge is understanding what’s going on around you. The benefits of seeing China with a group come with cutting the country down to bite-size pieces that you can understand, appreciate, and admire – and that’s the first step in getting to really know this amazing culture. However, deciding to see China with a tour brings with it a different challenge – figuring out which tour to take. As with everything else in China, the choices are virtually endless.

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An African safari is not a DIY vacation – and not only that, but a safari requires making several important decisions, such as open or closed cars, tents or hotels, private dining or communal eating, the bush or the savanna, and even cars or planes. It’s important to have some help in making those decisions, and a great travel advisor in conjunction with a small tour can craft the right package for this quintessential bucket-list trip.

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This one is sort of a ringer, in that the only way to visit Antarctica is with a tour. This chilly southern continent joins the Galapagos Islands as popular destinations that are almost exclusively tour-only.

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For senior travelers, the good news is there are thousands of travel options for them to choose from, bounded only by their budgets and travel preferences. The hard part is choosing!

Whatever adventure they choose, senior travelers need to make sure it’s insured. Generali has a variety of travel insurance plans that can cover your next senior vacation. Get a quote today … and then get out and see the world.


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