6 Fantastic Food Tours and Travel Destinations Around the World

Foodie travel is way more than a flash in the (frying) pan; actually, food travel is a legitimate reason for countless travelers to get out and see the world.

The best food tour, like the best food, is a totally subjective thing, but here are six destinations where it’s practically impossible to get a bad meal.

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Top 6 Food Tours and Travel Destinations

1. New Orleans

At the risk of alienating 90% of the country, there are two cities in the United States that matter as far as food is concerned – New Orleans and New York – and they matter for the same reason: diversity. New Orleans’ polyglot backstory and strategic position added strains of French, Haitian, Cajun, and African cooking into an increasingly rich gumbo. It’s hard to eat badly in the Big Easy, and for every signature experience – po’ boys at Parkway, beignets at Café du Monde, and a five-course meal at Commander’s Palace – there’s an unexpected treat, like the muffuletta at Cochon Butcher.

Want to explore more? Take a food tour from Clandestine.

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2. Chengdu, China

Unlike New Orleans, where there are countless cuisines to savor, Chengdu has only one: sichuan. However, Chengdu is the world headquarters of this tongue-numbing, hot-but-not-too-hot style of Chinese cooking, and for people who savor the heat, there’s no other place. No less an authority than UNESCO has named Chengdu a “City of Gastronomy,” for its contributions to Chinese cooking. Sample the mapo tofu, kung pao chicken and double-cooked pork slices while you’re there, and be sure to leave room in your suitcase for some hua jiao peppercorns and chili paste.

Want more? Take a Lost Plate food tour of Chengdu. They go everywhere – and let you taste everything.

Mapo tofu and other food on a table in Chengdu, China
Mapo tofu and other dishes from Chengdu, China. Photo by Alana Harris on Unsplash.

3. Mexico City, Mexico

There is Mexican cooking, and then there’s Mexican cooking as practiced in Mexico’s capital. Nowhere on earth are the tortillas lighter and less processed, the moles more earthy, or the elote spicier or more satisfying. Mexico City cuisine runs the gamut from street food (don’t miss the overstuffed al pastor street tacos, with succulent meat piled onto a tender tortilla no bigger than the palm of your hand) to fine dining, all reflecting the diversity of Mexican life and culture brought together in one place – and on one plate.

Explore more of Mexico City’s diverse cuisine with a food tour from Eat Mexico.

Corn being made in the streets of Mexico City.
Corn being made in the streets of Mexico City. Photo by Frederik Trovatten.com on Unsplash.

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4. Lyon, France

French cooking: for centuries it’s been the standard by which other cuisines and cooking styles are judged. From Provence to Normandy, each region of France has its own specialties and fans, but the epicenter of French cooking might be Lyon. Cradle of numerous famous chefs and the home of nouvelle cuisine, Lyon offers the finest of fine dining at places like Auberge du Pont de Collonges, along with humble cafes and bouchons, restaurants that specialize in the most local dishes, and the famous Les Halles food market. Can you eat badly in Lyon? Of course. But you have to work at it.

Where to start? Consider a tour run by The Foodie Lyon – but consider it just a jumping-off point.


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5. Sicily, Italy

Europe’s other epicenter of great cooking, Sicily is home to some of the quintessential Italian flavors and dishes – not to mention the birthplace of pizza. Because Sicily is the southernmost part of Italy, and close to the water, seafood, olive and citrus flavors mingle with the traditional tomatoes and garlic to create a mélange of sunny tastes found nowhere else on earth. From squid to salami to some of the world’s best cheeses to gelato, Sicily is truly the culinary gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t know where to start? Join restaurateur Carmel Ruggeri on a Sicilian Food Tour.


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6. Seoul, South Korea

Street food is on the menu in South Korea’s dynamic capital, and the best places to find it are at Seoul’s large outdoor food markets like Gwangjang and Myeongdong. The diversity of food that can be found at these markets can be overwhelming; try something simple to start, like a lobster grilled cheese or Korean egg toast, and then dive into more daring delicacies like dried cuttlefish or deep-fried pork trotters. Be sure to have some kimchi on the side, but beware: The South Korean variety can be much hotter and more pungent than the domestic side dish.

Feel like you need some help figuring out what’s what? Try a Delectable Travels food tour.

Food market with tourists in Seoul, South Korea.
Food market in Seoul. Photo by Giselle Herrera on Unsplash.

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