What to Know Before you Go on a Trip with Travel Protection

You’ve dreamt of your trip, planned it, booked it and even bought travel protection from Generali Global Assistance, just in case. Now you’ve come to the right place to learn how you can get the most out of your travel protection plan – which isn’t just travel insurance, but includes helpful travel assistance services you can use before, during and after your trip.

Here’s what to do and know before you go:

1. Travel Protection Plan Number

Your travel protection plan number is your key to accessing travel services and filing a claim. We suggest you have it stored in multiple easily accessible places on your trip so we can quickly help you in times of need. 

You can find your plan number in the confirmation email we sent you when you bought your plan. If you have a Generali Travel Insurance account you can also find it in the Purchased Plans section. But in the event that you cannot locate your plan number, our team can still assist via phone.

You can save your travel protection confirmation email, print two copies and pack them in different bags, take a photo of your plan number with your phone and/or write the number in a notebook with other emergency information you’re taking on your trip.

2. Our Contact Info

Having our contact information in your phone is not only convenient, it’s yet another way you can Travel Smarter™.

This QR code contains our important contact info. Use your mobile phone to scan it into your contacts or you can download our contact information instead.

And, of course, you can always manually save our 24/7 Travel Assistance phone numbers in your contacts:

  • In the US: 877-243-4135
  • Collect Worldwide: 240-330-1529

3. Visa and Vaccination Requirements

Make sure you’re ready to go on your trip abroad by using our Visa and Vaccination Requirements lookup tool. Simply enter your nationality, destination country and travel document type and the tool will inform you of specific visa requirements and details for your situation, as well as vaccination requirements and health precautions or notifications for the area you’re traveling to.

4. Services You Have Available

Your plan includes travel services that enable us to provide you live help with almost any issue while traveling. From suggestions for a good restaurant on your trip to coordination of emergency medical transportation, help is just a phone call away. Before you leave on your trip, it’s good to know the variety of situations we can assist with.

Travel Concierge Services

Has the concierge at a hotel ever helped you find your way around a city you’re visiting, giving great suggestions and helping you make reservations? Wouldn’t it be great to have that kind of service in your back pocket, ready to use, wherever you are during your trip, or even before it begins? All travel protection plans from Generali Global Assistance include Concierge Services. Learn more

24/7 Travel Assistance Services

These services offer travel assistance for unexpected problems that can arise during a trip. The phoneline is available to Generali Global Assistance planholders 24/7 for help anytime, anyplace while traveling. See how we can help


Wherever you're traveling, if you're not feeling well, a licensed physician can come to you 24/7 via our virtual doctor service. This comes included with the Medical and Dental coverage in your plan.

Identity Theft Resolution

ID theft can happen to any traveler and fraudsters find more ways to steal information every day. Fortunately, your plan includes Identity Theft Resolution Services that can help if you notice fraudulent activity in your accounts during or after your trip. Get assistance with notifying creditors, canceling affected cards and getting new ones, reporting the fraudulent activity to local authorities and more.

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5.  The More You Know the Better

As they say, knowledge is power. Browse our collection of Travel Resources articles to learn more about what could happen and how we can help.


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