8 of the Best Spring Vacation Ideas Around the World

Spring vacation can mean lots of things to lots of people – a chance to see the world at its prettiest, a chance to decompress after a cold winter of soul-crushing work, party time – but whatever sort of spring getaway you choose to have, here are some of our absolute favorite places to do it.

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Top Places to Visit in Spring

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix in the spring means Spring Training baseball, a rite as comforting and chill as the Arizona sun is warm. Park yourself in Phoenix (or Tempe, if you prefer a college crowd), rent a vehicle, and road-trip your way around the metroplex, stopping in sedate locales like Surprise, Peoria, and Goodyear, where the hot dogs are cheap and your chances of snagging a foul ball were never better.

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Crete, Greece

The Greek islands start to waken from their short winter slumber in early March, making Spring Break the perfect time to beat the crowds and explore this rugged island. Wander through ruins of ancient civilizations at Knossos, head inland to the Samaria Gorge for some semi-strenuous hiking, or just hang out by the water at Vai and Elafonisi beaches and soak up the rays in the whitewashed paradise of your dreams.

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Galapagos, Ecuador

Responsible travel is the new travel buzzphrase, and if that sounds appealing to you, why not head to the Galapagos for a spring tour? Travel to the islands is controlled, and you can design your trip to be more eco-friendly by taking a smaller ship and choosing tours of the islands that promise to leave only footprints. Ultimately, the eco-friendliness of your Galapagos vacation depends on how you behave; the good news is you can see everything you’ve dreamed of in the Galapagos and do it with a high level of responsibility.

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Cartagena, Columbia

For many years, Cartagena was synonymous with the drug trade. Thankfully, those days are behind this enchanting city, and it’s now one of the best spring vacation destinations. Recognized as the home of a UNESCO World Heritage site, from the old walled city to the hip Getsemani neighborhood, the settings are breathtaking and the multicolored buildings and vibrant street scenes are exotic yet somehow familiar. Where’d you see them before? That’s right – in your dreams.

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Keeping with the ecotourism theme, Dominica is known as the Caribbean’s “nature island,” and a great spring destination. Two-thirds of the country is rainforest, and 20% is national parks. Its mountainous inland is filled with rarely seen species of birds, animals, and insects, including the Sisserou and Jaco parrots, and frogs of all sizes and colors. Hike around Morne Trois Pitons National Park or explore the Pitou Gorge. Whatever you choose to do in Dominica, it’s bound to be beautiful!

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Austin, Texas

Yes, yes, yes. Austin is a college town. It’s also home to some of the country’s best food and music. So why not wait until the students leave town for Spring Break and stage a little takeover? Franklin Barbeque is still going to be amazing (and there’ll still likely be a wait), Lake Travis will still be a jewel in the heart of a bustling metropolis, and the Hill Country will still be beckoning over the next … uh, hill. Go on home with the armadillo; it’s okay.

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Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is the ideal destination if you take your spring vacation on the later side. By mid-April the cold will be a memory and the tulips... oh the tulips. They’ll just be starting to bloom in what seems to be endless rows of countless shades and varieties. The best way to appreciate the tulips is via an aerial tour of the fields; the best way to enjoy the rest of Amsterdam is to rent a bike and just start exploring. The city is never better than in the spring.

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Whistler, Canada

Man does not live by sunshine alone. Into all the best lives a little snow must fall – or in Whistler’s case, a lot of snow must fall. The one-time home of the Olympics’ alpine-skiing events, Whistler has all the elevation and steep descents you can take, but gentler slopes as well. The après-ski life is sweet indeed, and with Vancouver just down the road, all the accoutrements of a world-class city are right there.

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