FAQ: What services are available to me before, during and after my trip? 

You are eligible to use Concierge Services at any time after you purchase a Generali Global Assistance plan, there are even pre-trip services available before you travel. The Emergency Assistance Services become available when you actually start your trip. Emergency Assistance and Concierge Services end the earliest of: midnight on the day the plan expires; when you reach your return destination; or when you complete your trip.

Our plans include Medical and Dental coverage with access to Telemedicine services that connect travelers instantly with a network of physicians for information, advice, and treatment, including prescription medication, when appropriate and legally permitted. Telemedicine service is available during your domestic or international trip. Limitations may exist on the availability of prescription medication outside of the U.S.

Identity Theft Resolution Services are automatically included for a full 180 days starting on the traveler’s scheduled departure date. *Identity Theft Resolution does not include assistance for thefts involving non-U.S. bank accounts.

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Other services may be available depending on the plan you purchase; refer to Plan documents for details.

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