An Overview of Your Generali Travel Protection Plan

This quick video will help you better understand your Standard, Preferred, or Premium travel protection plan. It’s important you know what our plans do and do not cover, and the services that are included, so you’re prepared in case you experience trouble before or during your trip.  Learn more

Now that your trip is insured, you can rest easier knowing one of the largest insurance carriers in the world is backing you up. An insurance policy is just a piece of paper, but we’re more than that. We’re here for you in case the worst happens on your trip -- someone you can call when you need help and don’t know where to turn -- an advocate for you when you need one most.

Before Your Trip

And we’re not just here for emergencies. Some benefits and services are available to use before your trip, especially our Concierge Services. This is a great resource for pre-planning restaurant reservations, finding activity suggestions or even help finding something while on your trip.

Trip Cancellation Coverage is another part of your plan that you can use as soon as the day after purchase. Since all sorts of things can impact your travel plans and force you to cancel your trip, it’s good to have coverage for as much time as possible before you leave.

During Your Trip

During your trip you can call our 24/7 Travel Assistance phone line to get live help with almost any issue that comes up. Your plan can also help if your trip is interrupted or delayed, if you have a medical emergency, including contracting COVID-19, if you need emergency evacuation, and more, as long as it’s a covered event.

Our plan is available to help in case you become a victim of identity theft during your trip and need help resolving it once you return home.

While there are many choices for travel insurance, we’re glad you chose Generali. Thanks for choosing to Travel Smarter™.

*Benefits and services vary by plan. View the description of coverage/policy for all limitations and exclusions.