6 Romantic Winter Getaways – From Snow to Sun

Don’t worry about shivering in the cold this winter – it just means you get to cuddle up closer on your next romantic winter getaway. Think of strolling down snow-covered lanes, hot chocolate by the fire, sleigh rides, snowmen, and all that darkness keeping you in by the fireside.

Winter travel doesn’t necessarily mean cold destinations, there can also be romantic winter getaways that take place in cities where the average winter temperature is above freezing. We’ve set our spotlight on three of those, as well as three more traditional (and much colder) getaway destinations.

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New York City, New York

New York in the winter is magical, though there seems to be a difference of opinion on this statement. True, New York in January or February can be rainy, snowy, slushy, windy, cold, and gray, often all on the same day. However, it can also be dry and sunny, refreshingly brisk and much less crowded during the day and spectacularly lit at night (which, as we mentioned, lasts a whole lot longer in the winter).

If you love New York by night, or just plain love New York, February is the time to visit. Walk through Central Park with your special someone and hold them tight. Catch a show. Eat street food for lunch and four-star cuisine for dinner. Rush out of the cold into the warmth and wonder of the Met.

See what we mean? New York in the winter is an amazing place to be.

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Stowe, Vermont

It’s a long way from the rush of the Big Apple to the rural calm city of Stowe, though the actual distance is only a couple hundred miles.

Stowe has Vermont’s highest mountain, Mount Mansfield, and gets more than 280 inches of snow a year, so the skiing can’t be beat. Lodging options range from the plush Stowe Mountain and Smugglers’ Notch resorts to the historic Trapp Family Lodge to home rentals, with something warm and cozy (with a fireplace, please) sure to be in the mix.

Stowe itself is full of quaint shops and fine restaurants, with activities like sleigh rides to up the romantic ante.

Even if you don’t ski, a trip to Stowe feels like a real getaway. And if you do ski, remember that warming up is more than half the fun on a romantic vacation.

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Quebec City, Canada

What could be more romantic than a real winter adventure in a place that seems like France with a Canadian flare? That’s Quebec City.

While its grand winter carnival, Carnaval de Québec, is a sight to see, a winter trip to Quebec City outside of carnival time reveals the city’s many charms. You can combine strolls down narrow, stone-paved European streets with skiing, sleigh rides, and warm nights by the fire. It’s a unique combination, and it’s the secret to Quebec’s charm.

Quebec City is Canada all right, but French Canada – a special, delightful concoction all its own.

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Cancun, Mexico

All right, enough talk about crackling fires. Instead of sleigh rides, how about running through the surf and collapsing on a sun-kissed, sandy beach? How about fresh seafood at sunset to the accompaniment of warm breezes? That would be Cancun.

There’s not enough space to talk about all that Cancun has to offer. There are all-inclusive resorts for any budget that offer experiences ranging from secluded and romantic to full-on indulgence. You can go deep-sea fishing or splurge on his-and-hers massages in the spa, ride jet skis or enjoy a special dinner for two, hang by the pool or discover your own watery escape.

You could simply say to your travel advisor, “Cancun – romantic,” and be perfectly satisfied with the result. That sounds like just the ticket.

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Savannah, Georgia

Okay, so maybe Cancun is just too done, or you want something domestic. Savannah’s a fantastic alternative.

Savannah’s Gulf Coast location spares it from most nasty weather events, though nothing’s 100% guaranteed. However, even if it rains for the entirety of your vacation you could still be perfectly happy watching the surf from the comfort of your vacation rental, dining at one of the city’s amazing seafood restaurants, strolling through Savannah’s many restaurants and galleries, or touring Savannah’s historic homes and sites.

And if it’s not raining, consider a picnic at Forsyth Park or a trip through the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens, where there’s always something in bloom. You could also just get lost in Savannah’s Historic District, or (for the extreme night owls or early risers) catch a sunrise over Tybee Island.

Whatever your choices, Savannah will make sure they’re all great.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

We’ll keep it simple: Splurge on a suite at the Halekulani, have dinner in your room, watch the sunset, and you will wish for nothing else… only this is Hawaii, and there’s so much more to wish for.

The Halekulani is the perfect spot to start your romantic Hawaiian vacation, though where you go from there is totally up to you. A stroll down Waikiki Beach, a stay at a rainforest resort in Kauai, or a trek to the more rugged regions of Molokai are all in play, and those just scratch the surface of what a Hawaiian vacation could be.

Just as with Cancun, telling your travel advisor “Hawaii – romantic” should be all you need to do to get the ball rolling on the dreamiest vacation you’ve ever known.

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