The Most Popular Vacation Rental Destinations in the U.S.

Vacation rentals in a beach setting

Choosing the right destination is important for any trip, but we recommend paying special attention to destination when staying at vacation rentals, where you tend to be more integrated with the community around you. Sometimes you want a relaxing getaway without the hustle and bustle, and sometimes you’re looking for a popular spot with plenty of attractions for the family. We found a list of the most popular states for vacation rentals, which should help you narrow down your destination choice. 

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Most Americans stay within the U.S. when they book a vacation rental—nine in ten choose a domestic destination, according to the PhoCusWright study “A Market Reinvented: The U.S. Vacation Rental Landscape.” Vacation rentals in the Southern and Western parts of the country receive the most bookings.

The same study shows Florida is the number one state in the country where vacation rental guests want to go. Following the Sunshine State, North Carolina is the second most popular U.S. destination and California vacation rentals are third most popular. 

Following the crowds can have its advantages, but knowing which states are most popular for vacation rentals can also help you find the diamonds in the rough among lesser-known vacation spots where you might get a better deal, not have to book so far in advance and find some real peace and quiet.

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Top 15 states for vacation rentals

  1. Florida
  2. North Carolina
  3. California
  4. South Carolina
  5. Tennessee
  6. Texas
  7. Colorado
  8. Michigan
  9. Virginia
  10. New Jersey
  11. Wisconsin
  12. Hawaii
  13. Oregon
  14. New York
  15. Nevada

For those interested in traveling to the hot spots, here’s some information about the top three states:

Florida Vacation Rentals

Florida is by far the most popular state for vacation rentals, as popular as the next three states combined. This comes as no surprise as the state is full of of fantastic beaches and a slew of varied tourist attractions from Disneyworld to the Everglades. Panama City is repeatedly listed as a popular city for both families and spring breakers staying in vacation rentals, and boasts 320 days of sunshine a year.

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North Carolina Vacation Rentals

The Outer Banks, North Carolina’s best known vacation spot, is famous for its beachfront vacation rentals that seemingly stretch endlessly down the wide sandy beaches. The classic East Coast beach vibe makes it a great area for family fun touring the many lighthouses and villages, attractive golf courses, playing along the beaches and even hang-gliding!

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California Vacation Rentals

What would you like to see when you look out the window of your vacation rental? Rugged cliffs hugging the Pacific Ocean, vineyards glimmering in the sunshine, or maybe a forest of giant Sequoias? Those views and many more can be found in the Golden State. You can see most of those sights staying in the vacation rental-friendly city of San Diego. From a beachfront rental you can be in the nearby mountains, vineyards or desert within an hour drive.

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