How Travel Insurance and Assistance Works in Real Life: Reviews Tell the Tale

There’s no better way to understand how travel insurance and assistance can help protect you and your trip than reading real life examples from fellow travelers.

These Google Reviews range from simple cases of trips being canceled to medical emergencies and even hurricane evacuations. What they all have in common is that they bought a travel protection plan from Generali Global Assistance and are glad they did, because they had to use it.

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Trip Canceled and Smooth Claim Payment

In the midst of the disappointment of not going on our trip, your clarity and user-friendly service really helped. We so appreciated the ease of the online forms with a great format to save them and know just what was still needed. My husband and I were really surprised by how very smoothly and quickly we received our check. Thank you!
Debbie K. from North Carolina

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Medical Emergency and Travel Delay

Our daughter had a severe allergic reaction to an insect bite while we were traveling in South Africa in November, which required a trip to the emergency clinic. She was also stuck for an extra day in NYC on our return trip home because of a storm. She needed a hotel room overnight and a few necessities as she wasn't able to retrieve her luggage. By the time we got around to filing her claims, the pandemic was ramping up and we weren't sure if or when her case might be addressed. We were thrilled when we found out everything was being covered and it was done in a very timely manner. This trip was the third time we have had to file a claim of some sort with Generali Travel Insurance. We will only use them for future travel.
Lindsey C. from Connecticut

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Flight Canceled

My first time purchasing travel insurance, and I was very wise to do so. My flight got canceled due to weather but my insurance policy helped cover the difference for the $600 one-way flight I had to book for the next morning. Phone reps (multiple) were kind and direct. The claims policy was relatively straightforward and I had no trouble getting payment. I will absolutely use this company to insure my future trips.
Courtland K. from Arizona

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Cruise Rescue and Trip Interruption

We needed to cancel the trip for one member of our family and four others had the trip interrupted several hours into the cruise. Our mother age 92 had to be ‘rescued’ at sea by the Cancun Navy and rushed to a hospital in Cancun. Generali staff provided support and when it came time to process the claim they were extremely profession, courtesy, empathetic and efficient. Thank you Generali Travel Insurance Team!
Steven P. from New Jersey

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On a recent trip to Europe, I had a TSA approved lock on my luggage. While the luggage was being transported between two different airlines, someone cut off the lock and the two zipper pulls that were attached to it. I had no way of knowing which airline had caused the damage. I filed a small claim for the cost to repair the damaged luggage. It was paid promptly and in full.
Renee K. from Oklahoma

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Ski Trip

I go to France for skiing every year for a month and always feel super safe carrying Generali. I use them for every trip just because that one time, when it happened, they were there for me 100%.
Fred R. from New York

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Hurricane and Death in the Family

We have purchased insurance for our trips many times. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind! We had to use it in 2018 due to a mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Florence. This year we had an unexpected death in the family and had to use it. They were very understanding and we had our refund in a timely manner.
Carol M. from Pennsylvania

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