Millennial Travel Concerns and What They Want from Travel Insurance

We all have fears about what could happen when we travel, and each generation has their own unique needs. As part of our annual summer travel survey, we asked travelers of all types what travel issues they were concerned about most for their next trip.

When it comes to Millennials, they were most worried about needing to cancel their trip, personal safety on the trip, being robbed or losing something important, unplanned travel delays, medical issues, and natural disasters at their destination.

Millennials are in luck! Travel protection plans from Generali Global Assistance can help with each of these situations.

Here's how:

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are impacting trips more than ever and Millennials are especially aware. 73% took natural disaster risks into account when selecting their destination.

Whether it's a storm or a wildfire, there are ways a travel protection plan can help.

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Medical Issues

59% of Millennials said that medical issues, such as getting sick or injured on a trip, was a travel concern of theirs.

Travel protection can help in many ways, including coverages like Medical & Dental and Emergency Assistance & Transportation, plus 24/7 Travel Assistance Services.

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Travel Delays

44% of Millennials were concerned about an unexpected delay messing with their trip.

A plan from Generali Global Assistance can help with flight delays or other trip delays related to weather, medical issues and more.

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Theft or Loss

40% of Millennials said they had fears about being robbed or losing an important item they bring on a trip.

Whether it's a pickpocket, lost or stolen luggage, or identity theft, a travel protection plan can help.

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Personal Safety

36% indicated concerns about the their personal safety or the safety of those taking the trip with them. Millennials are also most likely to be traveling with family, which might explain why this topic is top of mind.

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Cancelling a Trip

With family responsibilities, like kids and elderly parents, Millennials are in the prime age range to have worries about needing to cancel their trip and losing money. 35% of Millennials said they were concerned about needing to cancel the trip they've planned.

Travel insurance is designed with this concern being top of mind. All of our plans include Trip Cancellation coverage for certain unforeseen events.

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Source: 2023 Holiday Barometer Survey (statistics are for age range 25-44)

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