Book Your Holiday Flights Now: No Last-Minute Deals This Year

The idea of booking your Thanksgiving or winter holiday journeys might not be on the forefront of your mind at the end of summer, but the post-pandemic travel surge has changed the calculus of when you should book your trip to get the best prices.

Last year, travelers could wait until the eleventh hour, snagging last-minute yuletide travel bargains. This year, however, the dynamics of air travel have shifted.

When is the best time to buy holiday flights?

Don’t expect last-minute deals on flights this holiday season.

Google Flights recently announced that the lowest average flight prices for travel around the Christmas season are typically up for grabs about 71 days prior to departure. This starkly contrasts with last year's findings by Google, where holiday airfares bottomed out a mere 22 days before departure.

Consequently, according to Google Flights, the new optimal window to book flights for the end of December falls around early October. Applying a similar lens to Thanksgiving trips means you should book those flights in September.

Waiting excessively might result in heftier costs, inconvenient layovers, and fewer choices on where you’ll be seated.

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Here are some more tips for getting the best prices you can for your holiday travel:

Tracking Flight Prices is Easy

Despite common myths suggesting that reserving flights on a Tuesday or during the late hours of the night guarantees budget-friendly fares, the truth remains that flight prices align themselves with travel demand. The holiday season consistently witnesses a surge in travel activity.

Thankfully, spending hours on price-checking isn't needed. Engage the price tracking feature on your preferred booking platform, and you'll receive automatic email notifications when the flight you're eyeing experiences a dip in cost. Search engines and travel agencies are armed with insights into average costs for your specific route, nudging you towards the prime booking window.

Discovering Apps for Flight Savings

Harness the power of technology with apps dedicated to securing the best flight deals. Apps like Skyscanner, and Google Flights are your companions in this quest. These apps employ data-driven insights to predict when flight prices are poised to drop, ensuring you make your move at the opportune moment. Skyscanner casts a wide net, scanning various airlines and travel websites to unearth hidden gems of affordable fares. Google Flights, armed with its robust search capabilities, lets you explore flight options across the spectrum to pinpoint the most budget-friendly ones.

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International Travel

A potential money-saving tactic lies in considering budget airlines specializing in international routes. Their offerings yield substantial savings even when accounting for extra expenses such as baggage fees and in-flight meals.

Exploring international travel during Thanksgiving, instead of Christmas or New Year's, also emerges as a prudent strategy. Given Thanksgiving is an American holiday, the crowds abroad are comparatively subdued, and the majority of Americans opt for domestic travel during this holiday.

Embrace Flexibility

Exhibiting willingness to embrace less-than-ideal flight schedules can lead to some serious savings during this holiday season. Even if you find yourself outside the golden booking period, there are alternative strategies. Consider extending your trip to sidestep the bustling days around Thanksgiving – notably the Sunday post-Thanksgiving – or the Christmas rush. Cast a glance at prices from nearby airports to uncover potential savings.

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Adding a Layer of Security: Travel Insurance

In the midst of these intricacies, one aspect remains constant – the unpredictable nature of life. To fortify your travel plans against unforeseen events, consider the safety net of travel insurance. With this vital coverage, you can navigate potential flight disruptions, trip cancellations, or medical emergencies with more peace of mind.

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