6 Secrets to a Memorable ‘Flexcation’ – Working Remote on Vacation

If you can work remotely, why not take a remote working vacation – a "flexcation" – and live remotely for an extended period?

Many people jumped on this trend during the COVID pandemic, leading to a spike in vacation rentals of two or more weeks. While some take advantage of remote work by renting RVs or campers for a nomadic lifestyle, the bigger demand is for long-term vacation rentals.

Remote work is still more common than before the pandemic, with many companies continuing to offer flexible or fully-remote options. This has made it easier for people to embrace the "flexcation" lifestyle, where as long as the Wi-Fi works, you can be productive while enjoying a refreshing new setting.

The ability to change your environment for an extended period, without being tied to a physical office, opens up many possibilities for working from interesting destinations around the world. Whether you want a few weeks at a beach house, a ski chalet, or even an international city, flexcations allow you to blend work obligations with travel and new experiences.

What else is great about a flexcation? It can be cheaper than a usual vacation because your vacation timing isn’t tied to a work schedule and you can choose the cheapest times to travel.

September signals the start of the "shoulder season" – that biannual period between the peak and off-peak times. With fewer crowds and lower pricing, you can often score deals around this time. If you flexcation during the shoulder season, you could get an amazing place for a bargain.

Whenever you go, we have tips for making the most of a flexcation experience:

How to work and school remotely on vacation:

1. Make sure the Wi-Fi works

Before booking, verify you'll have powerful Wi-Fi to accommodate all devices and users. Ask the host for details and check reviews. Weak Wi-Fi can ruin the point of a flexcation.

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2. Make sure there’s something for everyone

If the whole family’s on vacation but only half the family is remoting it, what’s the other half of the family going to do? Make sure your destination has activities for the whole family, and they’re open. Whether you're going solo, as a couple, or with family, make sure the rental and surrounding area offer amenities suited to your interests – like a pool, gym, hiking trails, and restaurants.

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3. Make sure there’s plenty of space

If multiple people need quiet workspaces, look for a rental with physically separated spaces, like separate home offices or rooms on different floors. Avoid frustrating noise conflicts.

Check the floor plan of your prospective rental, and look for physically separated spaces for the kids and the parents to do their work, and remember that basement Wi-Fi can sometimes get sketchy.

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4. Carve out fun time

All work and no play makes for a pretty doggone dull flexcation. The whole idea of a flexcation is to get out and flex your adventure muscles, so carve out some time every day – and big blocks of time a couple of days a week – for everyone to do fun stuff.

Let everybody in on the travel planning, whether it’s taking a road trip, doing something “educational” for the kids remote schooling, or just having some extended beach time.

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5. Embrace the local culture

Part of the flexcation experience is immersing yourself in a new environment. Research fun local festivities, cuisine, attractions and traditions you can take part in to get an authentic taste of the destination.

6. Protect your vacation investment

Your flexcation probably isn’t inexpensive, especially if it includes a long stay at a vacation rental. And all sorts of unexpected things can happen – both before you leave your home and at your destination. From a sick family member to a storm making your rental uninhabitable, the unexpected can find you just as easily (or more easily) on a trip as it can in your own home.

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Help protect your flexcation with travel protection from Generali Global Assistance. It can provide coverage for a variety of travel mishaps that can wreck a vacation, and it comes with travel Concierge Services that can help you find things to do in your remote home-away-from-home.

Getting a quote is simple and easy – just like the decision to take a flexcation.


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