5 Reasons to Take a Disney Cruise for Adults—The Happiest Place on the High Seas is Not Just for Kids

Disney Cruise Line continues to be a favorite kid-friendly vacation choice for families, as the well-known brand maintains a consistently good industry reputation—all with plenty of top rated entertainment and activities. Its cheerful and friendly experiences appeal to kids and adults alike, making it an easy choice for multigenerational families traveling together. But, Disney Cruise Line is also widely popular with adults who travel without kids. Whether you’re an older adult or a younger millennial, you may want to consider booking an adult Disney Cruise.

To help you decide, we’ve listed 5 reasons why the “happiest place at sea” isn’t just for kids and why you might want to think twice about getting Disney Cruise insurance rather than shopping around for your trip protection. 

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1. Top Rated Entertainment and Events

Disney is an entertainment company first and foremost; it owns Marvel, Lucasfilm, Touchstone, Pixar, ABC and ESPN. This means Disney adults can enjoy first run movie screenings in 3D. And with those assets under its belt, Disney Cruise Line can easily offer original, live performances with Broadway talent and special effects. Its live performances of popular movies like Frozen and Beauty and the Beast have also been a popular mainstay. 

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2. Outstanding Food

In addition to its commitment to high quality customer service, Disney Cruise Line has something for everyone when it comes to food and beverage options. Adult Disney Cruise highlights include:

  • Complimentary continental breakfast room service

  • Designated drinking water stations to stay hydrated

  • Early or late rotational dinners with designated waitstaff who know your itinerary and stay with you throughout the trip

  • Casual dining options that you can take away to your room or to a show

  • 2 top-rated adult-exclusive dining venues

  • An option to BYOB (wine or beer) aboard, or for-purchase adult beverages offerings at one of the adult-exclusive bars, lounges and nightclubs 

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3. Luxury Amenities and Service

Continuously ranked high for its impeccable service, Disney Cruise Line has made a name for itself in the hospitality industry. Its four cruise ships—Magic, Wonder, Dream and Fantasy—all resemble luxury 1930s ocean liners, and each ship’s overall decor has rich but subtle Disney touches.

Cruise vacationers, especially adult Disney fans, appreciate Disney Cruise Line for its ability to be upscale without being stuffy. Intentional high quality, friendly customer service seem to be behind everything they do and their itineraries are well-designed to delight even the most difficult to please adults. Adult Disney Cruise highlights include:

  • A warm welcome by the entire cast of crew members

  • Cushy perks like spacious staterooms that are cleaned twice a day

  • Designated waitstaff who are familiar with your itinerary and preferences

  • Unique-to-Disney holiday decor

  • A full spa with hot tubs, water therapy and various medical spa treatments options

4. Plenty of Adults Only Spaces and Activities

Although Disney Cruise Line prides itself on being family-friendly, it offers plenty of adults only spaces and activities. Adults can take advantage of the more private 18+ spaces throughout each ship. After hours are from 10pm to 2am on all four Disney cruise ships; so if you’re a night owl hoping to step away from a day spent around kids, you have bar, lounge and nightclub options. Adult Disney cruise highlights include:

  • Secluded adults only or low kid traffic spa, gym, jacuzzi pool and deck options

  • Bars with a touch of Disney like their Beauty and the Beast’s Lumière chandeliers in the champagne bar

  • Casual pubs to view televised sporting events, participate in trivia night, BINGO, late night karaoke and adults only costume contests

  • Dinner at one of Disney Cruise Line's adult-exclusive restaurants

  • Adults only beach on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay for its Bahamas destination itinerary

  • Port excursions like a 5 kilometer run

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5. Nostalgic Experiences

If you’re thinking of booking a Disney Cruise, chances are you’re a kid at heart. You may even have a favorite Disney, Marvel or Star Wars character.

Disney Cruise Line offers themed experiences that everyone, no matter how old you are, can enjoy. From a Star Wars Day at Sea’s cosplay event to a Pirates of the Caribbean ship takeover, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to let your inner child run free. 

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Consider Travel Insurance for Your Disney Cruise

Because you’re likely to book far in advance to secure better prices and popular adult Disney Cruise activities, travel insurance is especially important. A lot of unexpected things can happen between the time you book your cruise and when you take your trip, and having the right amount of coverage allows you to anticipate your trip with added peace of mind.

You may want to do a bit of research before opting for standard Disney Cruise insurance to ensure you have enough coverage for possible trip cancellations, missed connections and emergency medical evacuations based on your unique needs.

We offer three travel protection plans with coverages that fit well with any cruise trip, especially a Disney Cruise. You can pick the one that suits your needs best.

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