The Top 11 Famous Landmarks Americans Want to Visit

Mount Rushmore made the list of famous landmarks Americans want to visit
Mount Rushmore made the list of famous landmarks Americans want to visit in their lifetime

When it comes to travel, Americans love to visit famous landmarks, monuments and parks. Summer finds millions of Americans hitting the road or taking to the skies – and for many of them, a stop at an iconic destination is part of the travel plan.

A recent survey we published shows out just how ingrained this behavior is among American travelers, and what their favorite landmarks really are. 44% of Americans want to visit the national parks, monuments, and historic sites in their home country. Even Europeans want to visit American monuments.

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Here are the top 11 destinations on American travelers’ landmark “bucket list” in order of interest – and a little of what makes each destination so special.

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Famous Landmarks Americans Want to Visit

1.    The Grand Canyon
Americans have been enchanted ever since they first laid eyes on the water-carved mesas of the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is not only breathtaking, but it offers multiple ways of exploring its beauty, from mule rides to whitewater rafting.

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2.    The Eiffel Tower
It’s no surprise the Eiffel Tower is this high on the list of Americans’ favorite famous landmarks – it’s the favorite of travelers around the world, according to the Europ Assistance survey. Plus it’s in Paris, which lends everything a certain je ne sais quoi. Just remember: It’s illegal to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night (no kidding!).

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3.    Mount Rushmore
“We embrace the idea that a trip to South Dakota is America’s road trip,” said Jim Hagen, the state’s tourism secretary. And a road trip through the Badlands and Wall Drug to Mount Rushmore is fun, if for no other reasons than the Black Hills are so un-South Dakota-esque – and they’re a gateway to the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone, if you play your cards right.

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4.    The Pyramids
Despite some ups and downs with Egypt’s government and security, and something of a circus atmosphere surrounding them, the Pyramids are what they’ve always been – amazing and inscrutable, the most indelible marks of the most intriguing ancient civilization. Word of advice: Choose your tour guide carefully.


5.    Yellowstone National Park
Geysers and buffalo and bears, oh my: that only begins to describe the Yellowstone experience. From the gorgeous mountain scenery to 3,500 miles of true wilderness, Yellowstone is everything you could ask for in a national park. Maybe that’s because it was America’s first national park.


6.    Statue of Liberty
Iconic monuments don’t get any more iconic than the Statue of Liberty. Not just the symbol of the world’s greatest city, Lady Liberty represents the aspirations and spirit of a nation. Even the most hard-boiled traveler has the Statue of Liberty on their list of must-see New York sights, and it rarely disappoints.

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7.    The Great Wall of China
When China was reopened to U.S. citizens in 1971, Americans flocked to the Great Wall – and almost 50 years later, the size and scope of this 14th-century engineering marvel still enthralls visitors. The mystery may be gone, but the impressiveness remains.


8.    Niagara Falls
The twin falls and their twin cities – American and Canadian – aren’t the fabled honeymoon destination of old, but they still are a must-see for their combination of power, beauty, and accessibility. Want to tempt fate? Try a trip on the legendary Maid of the Mist.

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9.    Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu has this incredible Andean setting, especially when there’s clouds and mist, which is most of the time. The Incas are a fascinating civilization, with ritual sacrifice and amazing culture. Machu Picchu is just way cooler than anything in your ZIP code, or the ZIP codes around you. That’s why.


10.    The Taj Mahal
Arguably the most beautiful structure on the planet, and one of the most romantic, when you consider its backstory. Some people buy flowers to demonstrate their undying love. Those who do it big build a mausoleum and temple, with onion domes, reflecting pools and everything. The Taj Mahal is everyone’s aromatic, exotic dream of India summed up in one incredible historic site.


11.    Yosemite National Park
Speaking of domes, once you see Ansel Adams’ iconic shots of Half Dome, you know you have to visit Yosemite to see for yourself. And despite all the visitors and ecological threats down through the years, Yosemite never disappoints.

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