Pro Tips: 10 Best Places to Travel in 2022

It’s time to plan 2022 travel and we have some ideas for where to go. When considering the top travel destinations for 2022, we looked at search volume, new developments, off-the-beaten-path destinations getting renewed attention and consumer feedback on where they plan to travel in the upcoming year.

While many destinations around the world are expecting 2022 to break all sorts of attendance and visitor records, these are our picks for the most popular and travel-able destinations. At least they were open to travelers when we put this list together. It’s up to you to verify travel requirements and restrictions for these destinations.

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Orlando, Florida

There’s pent-up demand for all types of travel, but there’s some real pent-up demand for theme-park travel – and naturally that means Orlando.

The parks have been doing their part, adding new attractions and new processes to accommodate increased visitor traffic while maintaining the current level of attention to cleanliness and visitor safety.

Disney World gives visitors a lot to look forward to in ‘22, including the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind and a Star Wars-themed hotel. Overarching all the new stuff is the ongoing celebration of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary. Everything seems more exciting at Disney World post-pandemic – even the Cirque du Soleil is in residence!

Meanwhile, even though Universal Orlando has pushed back some of its most anticipated new attractions, there’s still the almost-new Jurassic World VelociCoaster as well as the Bourne Stuntacular Show and a new on-grounds hotel.

Taken together, Orlando is primed for its most exciting tourism year ever.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If Orlando is “The City That Never Sleeps, but Takes Naps in the Car Seat,” Cabos San Lucas is the epitome of laid-back-ness. The resort destination at the end of the Baja California Sur Peninsula in Mexico is gradually losing its old fish-tacos-and-Corona identity and is focusing on the upscale options for dining and lodging.

The luxury-resort boom started with the Fall 2021 opening of the St. Regis Los Cabos at Quivira, with its two-and-a-half-mile stretch of beach on the Sea of Cortez and a nearby Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course. It was quickly followed by the sumptuous Villa La Valencia Beach Resort & Spa Los Cabos, and the Amanvari resort will cap things off when it opens in October 2022.

All the new properties as well as existing rentals and resorts promise that unique Cabo mix of desert and beach, with a premium placed on relaxation.

Which, after the events of 2020 and 2021, could be worth paying a premium for.

Seoul, South Korea

Cities seem to be faring best as travel destinations coming out of the pandemic. Remote workers and self-imposed exiles crave the hustle, bustle and interaction of big cities – all of which bodes well for Seoul.

The South Korean capital keeps on burnishing its reputation as a big-shouldered Tokyo, with all the bright lights and loud music – only this city’s music is K-pop, and its food, fashion and entertainment scenes have an energy that leaves Japan’s best efforts in its dust.

What’s new in Seoul for ’22 isn’t necessarily something in Seoul itself but a renewed interest in the rest of South Korea, from its surfable beaches to its rural interior.

British Columbia, Canada

Traditionally British Columbia has meant Vancouver and its environs (Whistler, Victoria, etc.), but as more travelers from around the world look at Canada as a model of safe, responsible tourism, more destinations within the province are gaining attention.

Whether you travel to British Columbia’s southern (Sunshine) coast and dive deep into the history of the many indigenous tribes that populated the area, tour the region by sea kayak, head inland into B.C.’s wine and dairy country, or trek north into one of the world’s most beautiful lake-and-mountain regions, you’ll find a place that surprises you at almost every turn.

Canada has taken a very conservative approach to tourism in 2020 and ’21. In 2022, expect a boom.


It can be argued that Hawaii fared the best of any American tourist destination through the pandemic. The state had to turn away visitors with every new wave, and shortages of rental cars and other tourist accoutrements were rampant.

Hawaii also used the pandemic period to reconsider its tourism industry, and what you’ll see in 2022 might seem like a smaller and more intimate version of the old business, with more emphasis given to sustainability and the intersection of American culture and traditional Hawaiian values.

You see this in Hawaii’s new ad campaign but also in cruises, tours and activities that promise to show visitors the “real Hawaii.”

What is the real Hawaii? For some, it will still be a suite at the Halekulani, a helicopter tour and a luau. Increasingly, though, it will be an up-close look at a stunningly diverse cultural and ecological destination. Find the Hawaiian island that fits your vacation style



Speaking of ad campaigns, Visit Denmark’s ongoing efforts to promote the traditional Danish concept of “hygge” (defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”) have paid dividends, especially in a time where coziness and conviviality sound just about perfect.

It doesn’t hurt that Denmark has a lot to offer travelers, starting with the rich and historic city of Copenhagen. Wonderful as it is, Copenhagen is also a jumping-off point for the verdant resort Island of Fyn (where the cozy village of Kerteminde and Egeskov Castle are must-sees); the country’s Lake District and the hip city of Aarhus; and the country’s sandy, windswept north.

Wherever you go in Denmark you can find a little nook where you can get cozy. Because, you know, hygge.

The Gambia

Is 2022 the breakthrough year for African tourism? Maybe. If it is, The Gambia might be the breakout star of a breakthrough year.

This narrow West African country (it basically consists of the extended banks of the Gambia River) nonetheless packs a scenic punch, with Atlantic beaches near Serrekunda and the capital, Banjul, as well as monkeys, leopards, hippos, hyenas and rare birds at Kiang West National Park and Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve.

There are historical overtones for Americans as well, especially at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kunta Kinteh Island.

The Gambia is easy to get to, easy to traverse and surprisingly untouristed, and there’s a reason why the country is called “the smiling face of Africa.”  

It all adds up to an off-the-beaten-path vacation with a lot of heart and soul.


British Virgin Islands

The story in the British Virgin Islands during its tourism re-opening is one of two iconic resorts that were practically destroyed in the 2017 hurricanes.

The Bitter End Yacht Club, a 64-acre island outpost on Virgin Gorda, will debut a new nautical village that honors the famous facilities that stood there previously (the Clubhouse Restaurant, Quarterdeck Marina, Watersports Center and the Reeftique shop) but offers expanded capacity and improved amenities.

Meanwhile, Saba Rock Resort, the popular day-tripping destination, opened in October with completely new guest rooms and suites, a larger restaurant, new bars and redesigned shops and spas, as well as a working phone booth imported from England.

A wide range of water activities are available, including yacht charters and island tours.

With all that’s happened since the hurricanes of 2017 seem like a distant memory. In the British Virgin Islands, they’re finally being relegated to the past.



The Czech Republic has received a greater share of the headlines than its former partner in the old Czechoslovakia, but Slovakia is now getting a lot of attention, leveraging its natural beauty and relative affordability to attract all-season travelers looking for something just a little bit different.

Winter is a great time to hit the slopes in Slovakia, with 61 ski resorts surrounding the fairytale town of Štrbské Pleso and another 100 or so surrounding Vysoké Tatry. Both towns are in the High Tatras, an unsung mountain range that nonetheless delivers some awesome slopes, with gingerbready chateaus and castles at the bottom.

Summer is a great time to bike in Slovakia, with wine and beer tours being especially popular and more challenging rides available if you want them.

Slovakia has a little bit of everything – and in 2022, a little bit of everything sounds absolutely perfect.


One of the lasting after effects of the last several years is a realization of the fragility of the planet and the impact travel has on threatened destinations.

One of those destinations is the Maldives Islands, meaning that 2022 is a great chance to see these natural wonders in all their splendor, while you still can.

The Maldives sit barely a few feet above sea level, meaning small changes in sea levels can be disastrous. Those changes have been evident in the last several years, yet development keeps on apace on the islands. The latest is the Patina Maldives, a 90-villa resort with multiple private islands, a beach club and multiple restaurants.

And that’s not to overlook the Ritz-Carlton Maldives, a collection of villas tucked along beach coves that offers everything from sea-kayaking in North Malé Atoll to a complete spa experience.

See the world while you can – and that goes double for the Maldives.


Regardless of where you choose to travel in 2022, heed the lessons of the pandemic, and insure your trip with travel insurance from Generali. We have a plan that can help protect virtually any trip, large or small.


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