Travel Insurance and Travel Vouchers: What You Need to Know

You’re getting back to traveling again, and you’re going to start by using that voucher you received when you had to cancel a trip last year.

Using travel vouchers can be tricky, but getting travel protection for the new trip should be a breeze. With Generali, you can insure a trip whether it’s booked with cash or a travel voucher.

As you book a new vacation with your voucher and look to insure that trip, remember to:

Check your itinerary

This is especially important for cruises, because even a trip that you think is identical to the one you had to cancel may not be exactly the same. Because of COVID-related restrictions, not all ports of call that were part of your previous cruise may be part of your new cruise.

You’ll want to know the ports of calls and destination of your new cruise for your own edification, and because it’s important information to have as you buy travel insurance (which is highly recommended for your new trip, just look what happened to your old trip).

Don’t let your eagerness to travel again keep you from understanding all the important parameters of the cruise, tour, or trip you’re considering. Also note that travel will still be a fluid proposition for a while, and every facet of your cruise experience may be subject to change.

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Know your travel dates

Similarly, your travel dates may be subject to change or timing might be different from before because of changing travel conditions in countries on your itinerary or, in the case of a cruise, issues with getting your ship cleaned and ready for a new group of passengers.

As with a change in itinerary, tell your travel insurance company about any changes in travel dates, so they can modify your plan.

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Account for the new trip cost

Even if you’re able to book the same trip that was cancelled, you may find that the price has changed. This could likely be due to a result of increased cleaning and staffing costs, changes in fuel prices, or other factors.

Travel insurance is priced in part based on the cost of your trip, so you’ll need to know the new amount when buying travel insurance (see below). However, it’s also important to know that even if you received a voucher from a cruise or tour line as a result of cancelling a trip last year, you may have to pay the difference between this year’s trip cost and the amount of the voucher.

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Buy travel insurance

The events of the pandemic have really proven the value of travel insurance, whether it’s in paying emergency medical bills for an injury or illness that occurred while traveling, arranging for transportation home, or refunding prepaid travel expenses for a covered canceled or interrupted trip.

The good news is that travel insurance is easy to buy, whether you bought your trip with cash or a voucher. You can get a quote for a Generali plan and get covered in just a matter of minutes. When you enter your trip cost in the quote form, simply use the cash value of the travel voucher or any other prepaid trip costs, and your plan will cover you so you can be reimbursed for those trip costs if need to cancel the trip for a covered reason.

Submitting claims is fast and easy, and the assistance services that come with every Generali plan can help your trip go more smoothly – even if the most daunting thing you face when traveling is getting a reservation for that hot new restaurant, Generali’s Concierge Services can even help with that.

Get ready!

You probably remember the drill, but with new travel arrangements made and travel insurance squared away, you can get down to the fun stuff that comes with an upcoming trip – you know, things like:

We’re feeling confident to get out and see the world once more. And, with travel arrangements made, vouchers redeemed, and travel insurance purchased, we hope you are too!


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