Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance for Your Kids

Some of the best travel is family travel, and as a new generation of family travelers prepares to explore the world, it’s important to understand how travel insurance works for the youngest family members – and whether you can even buy travel insurance for kids and babies.

Can I buy travel insurance for my child?

The short answer is that yes, you can buy travel insurance for babies and children. You can even purchase travel insurance for your child without an adult on the policy, if that is needed.

There are a few things you need to know about insuring young travelers, and why it’s such a good idea:

Things happen to young travelers, too

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Think about everything that can happen to you on vacation – your trip gets interrupted, you lose your luggage, you have a medical emergency. Well, all those can happen to someone who’s traveling with you, even if they’re just a few months old.

Maybe a better way to look at it is to flip the script: What if you bought travel insurance for yourself and not for your child and your family had to cancel their trip? You could be reimbursed for your flight, but you couldn’t be reimbursed for your child’s flight. Does that seem right, or even logical? So, we suggest you insure everyone that’s taking the trip.

One of the main reasons you should buy travel insurance is to help get reimbursed for prepaid travel expenses. If any of those involve your children, you should buy travel insurance for them, too … and even if that’s not the case, you should buy travel insurance for them, just for the emergency medical component.

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You can cover you and your children under one policy

A single Generali insurance policy can cover up to 10 traveling companions from the same state, so you can easily add your children under your policy.

It’s easy to get coverage for your kids, too. You’ll be asked for information on your children when you get a travel insurance quote. .

Travel insurance for children is really valuable

As you probably know, travel insurance is partially priced based on the calculated risk of a covered event happening. Medical emergencies are some of the most expensive types of these events.

Children tend to have fewer medical emergencies than adult travelers, so their travel insurance premiums are generally lower than their parents’, whether it’s a standalone premium or blended into a family rate.

However you choose to look at it or pay for it, travel insurance for kids seems like a slam dunk.

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Pre-existing conditions are a big thing

One of the most interesting parts of a travel insurance plan – and something every traveler should examine closely before buying – is how it handles pre-existing medical conditions.

Generali’s Premium travel insurance plan includes coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, with some requirements. The reason why this is so important is because kids can have pre-existing medical conditions, too, everything from epilepsy to allergies, and very often those conditions define how and where they can travel.

With most health insurance companies classifying international medical services as out-of-network at best, having travel medical insurance that can cover kids’ pre-existing medical conditions is huge.

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Don’t skimp on medical coverage

Sticking with this theme a little longer, when choosing a travel insurance plan to cover you and your children, choose the plan with the highest level of emergency medical coverage you can afford (as well as coverage for pre-existing medical conditions).

Generali’s Premium plan has up to $250,000 per person in Medical & Dental Coverage. That’s a lot more peace of mind when you’re traveling with young ones.

Similarly, and because kids can fall down mountains just as easily as adults, choose the highest amount of Emergency Assistance and Transportation coverage that is available. With the Premium plan, that’s $1 million per person.

Travel insurance is great for kids as well as adults – and it can be even more valuable for the youngest travelers. Check out all of Generali’s plans and see for yourself.


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