Travel Insurance for Longer Trips: What You Need to Know

The face of travel has changed, and it looks like Americans will be taking longer vacations over the next few years -- which means it’s time to talk about the benefits of long-term travel insurance.

There’s the phenomenon of people picking up stakes and moving to an island or other getaway to work remotely. As Travel Weekly noted, Barbados, Bermuda, Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, among others, have changed their visa requirements to allow for long-term remote work.

Since longer trips are actually going to be a thing, and Americans want to go on a serious holiday, taking their PTO in the form of a weeks-long vacations, what do they need to do to help protect that sizable investment? Buy travel insurance, of course – but there are some things travelers need to know about insuring longer trips.

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Travel insurance can insure long trips

The first thing is good news: Our travel insurance plans easily accommodate long trips up to 365 days, depending on your state of residence. If you’re taking the slow way around the world, you can still be covered by travel insurance.

Keep in mind that the longer the trip, the more travel insurance is going to cost, independent of how much the total trip costs. That’s simply because the longer you travel, the greater the odds that something may happen to you in the course of that trip.

For people dropping $40,000 on an around-the-world cruise, the added cost of insurance probably won’t trouble them much. But for the backpacker taking half a year to tack their way across Asia, it might mean more of an investment.

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You need to know how long your trip is going to be before you buy insurance

This one goes out to the backpacker in Asia. If you believe your trip will take four months, you need to buy travel insurance for a four-month trip. If you decide while you’re on the trip that you’re having such a good time you’ll keep going for another couple of months, your coverage will run out once you hit the four-month mark.

Because of this, if you’re taking a freeform, low-expense longer trip, be generous when you estimate the trip length. Determine the maximum amount of time you might be away and enter that as the trip length. Because your trip is relatively inexpensive, it won’t cost that much more. And you’ll know the whole trip’s covered.

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You have added protection if your trip gets even longer

One of the best things about travel insurance for longer trips is something you may have never heard of: extension of coverage.

Basically, extension of coverage means that if something beyond your control happens that forces you to extend your trip, the travel insurance coverage will extend right along with it.

Consider a round-the-world cruise where a storm forces you off course and delays your arrival in your home port by a week. Or your trip to Mexico is coming to an end and your COVID-19 test to get back into the U.S. just came back positive. Now you will need to isolate for a time before you can return home.

That additional travel time is covered under your Generali insurance plan. Our plans will cover up to seven additional days of unexpected travel – and with something as complex as a round-the-world cruise, that added cushion is nice.

Trips are getting longer, and that’s great news for everyone – but it’s especially great news for the traveler seeking a long, relaxing getaway post-pandemic. Fortunately, Generali’s travel insurance plans are ready and able to help protect these longer trips, meaning you have one less thing to worry about. And isn’t that a great feeling?

Get a quote today and see how budget friendly travel insurance for longer trips can be.


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