How Travel Insurance Covers You and Your Belongings While Away

Insurance is a complex subject, regardless of the type of insurance it is. Unfortunately, insurance coverage is necessary in many situations. We buy home insurance, car insurance and life insurance in order to help protect ourselves against unforeseen events. Travel insurance provides the same type of protection against certain events you don’t see coming that can wreck your travel plans. But have you ever wondered, “How does travel insurance work?” Here we provide the answers to that question.

How Does Travel Insurance Work to Help Protect Your Trip?

There are many ways travel insurance provides added protection for your trip, people on your trip and your investment in that trip. Here are some important coverages to look out for:

Trip Cancellation

First and foremost, chances are your flight is nonrefundable. Let’s say you unexpectedly have to cancel your trip due to an injury, sickness, involuntary job loss, a death in the family or any other reason, good luck getting your money back. Your trip can also be canceled by the airline for various reasons, such as such as bad weather. If you have trip insurance with Trip Cancellation coverage, you can be reimbursed for covered reasons.

Perhaps you are instead looking to reschedule your trip, instead of canceling it. This means rebooking flights, tours and lodging. There are fees associated with rebooking that you would normally have to pay for, but with travel insurance, those rebooking fees can be reimbursed for covered reasons, so you can still enjoy your trip at a later date without paying extra.

Trip Interruption

You might be enjoying your vacation, only to find out you have an emergency at home, and you have to get back as quickly as possible. There may be a death in the family, or your home was destroyed by a natural disaster. Or, you could take a bad fall and miss part of your trip while you heal in the hospital. The right coverage can ensure that you make your cruise at its next port of call and it can ensure you get reimbursed if you can’t make your tour.

In cases such as these, the need to reschedule your return flight and the nights you still have booked at your hotel will cost you, unless you have travel insurance to cover trip interruption.

How Does Travel Insurance Work to Provide Medical Coverage?

Medical coverage for emergency medical care is essential when traveling away from home. Your regular health insurance provider most likely won’t cover medical expenses when you are out of the country. If it does offer coverage, it may be limited. That means if you are injured or become sick, any emergency medical services you use will likely be paid for by you. This can add up to thousands of dollars.

Travel insurance with Medical coverage can help ensure that you will have the coverage you need for emergency medical care when traveling away from home. This will save you from worrying about money at a time when you have other things on your mind. Just be sure to read the fine print of your policy to ensure that you understand the extent of your coverage and any limitations there are on that coverage.

This includes understanding the insurance company’s definition of terms. They might be very different from your own and it will vary from insurer to insurer. You can read a sample Description of Coverage or Insurance policy with all the fine print for travel insurance plans from Generali Global Assistance.

How Does Travel Insurance Work to Help Protect Your Belongings?

When you arrive at your destination and your luggage doesn’t, you can be left for days without the necessary clothes and other items. If your baggage doesn’t show up in the amount of time noted in your policy, travel insurance can cover the expense of replacing at least some of the essential contents of your luggage.

Travel insurance can also cover expenses associated with the loss or theft of your passport, travel visa and other items you brought or bought while on your trip. This will save you a lot of anxiety if your hotel room is broken into, you are mugged or you drop your camera over the side of a boat.

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How Does Travel Insurance Work When You Need to Make a Claim?

When something happens on your trip that is covered under your travel insurance, you will need to file a claim. Contact the insurance company as soon as possible so they can advise you about the appropriate steps to take. If you need to file a claim with Generali Global Assistance, start here.

It's important to keep a solid trail of documentation about what happened, and any money spent because of it. This means keep all luggage claim tickets, and receipts. If your claim is in regards to an sickness, be ready to have your doctor complete a physician statement provided by your travel insurance provider.

If you have jury duty and can’t make your trip, make sure you have a copy of your summons. If you involuntarily and unexpectedly lose your job and can’t go on your trip, get a letter from your employer. You must provide all written documentation to your insurer and you should keep multiple copies of each piece of documentation.

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The most important thing to know with any type of travel insurance is to read the fine print. And if you’re still not sure, contact the travel insurance provider’s customer service department for specifics. This will offer you the best answer to the question, “How does travel insurance work?” Each and every plan is different. You need to be certain of what is covered, the limitations of the coverage and what you might be expected to pay yourself. Generali makes their travel insurance plans easy to understand, so you know precisely how they work.


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