How to Start a Travel Insurance Claim

Here at Generali, we are committed to providing you with a fair, equitable and timely claims process. Claims must be submitted within one year after a covered loss, but should be submitted as soon as possible in order to expedite resolution.

1. Initiate

To initiate your claim, visit our Start a Claim page and follow the prompts. For most Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Travel Delay claims, you can initiate your claim online. If you prefer, you may file your claim using a PDF claim form that can be downloaded and sent to us via email, mail or FAX.

2. Provide supporting documentation

In addition to completing our online or PDF claim form, we require supporting documentation in order to prove your loss. Required documentation varies depending upon the type of claim you're filing and depending upon the event that resulted in your loss. 

We encourage you to provide as much requested supporting documentation as soon as possible once you file your claim. Doing so will minimize the need for your dedicated claims team member to contact you to request additional information at a later date and may expedite the resolution of your claim. For fastest processing, please email supporting documentation in as few email messages as possible, preferably all in one email (we can accept email attachments up to 10 MB). 

If you're completing a PDF version of our claim form, you'll find a detailed list of requested documentation on the first page of your form.

If you're completing a Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption or Travel Delay claim form online, we ask that you provide the following:

-Proof of age for all parties making a claim, such as copies of drivers' licenses or passports.

-Proof of payment for your prepaid trip and any additional expenses claimed, such as credit card statements, receipts or copies of cancelled checks. Invoices will not be accepted as actual proof of payment.

-Proof of any refunds that you received, such as credit card statements or copies of checks.

-Carrier and supplier documentation, such as invoices, itineraries, original unused tickets, reservation confirmation or penalty schedules.

-Documentation from the carrier regarding the date, reason for and length of the cancellation, interruption or delay, if your claim is resulting from a common carrier cancellation or delay.

-Patient Authorization Form, if your claim is resulting from a sickness, injury or death.

-Physician's Statement, if your claim is resulting from a sickness or injury.

-A copy of the patient's death certificate, if your claim is resulting from a death.


Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services Attn: Claims Department
P.O. Box 939057
San Diego, CA 92193-9057

FAX: 877-300-8670

3. Stay tuned

Once you've initiated your claim, your case will be assigned to a dedicated claims team member who will manage your claim from start to finish. Your dedicated claims team member will contact you if they have any questions or if any additional information is needed in order to finalize your claim.

Should you have any questions about completing your forms or the process in general, contact our Claims Department toll-free at 800-541-3522 or via email at You can also view our FAQs related to filing a claim

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