5 Free Things to do on Vacation in Seoul

Seoul, a city pulsating with energy and history, offers many captivating experiences that are free. From wandering through the ancient lanes of Bukchon Hanok Village to hiking through the panoramic Bukhansan and Inwangsan Parks, Seoul invites you to explore without spending a single Won.

Join us on a frugal yet unforgettable journey through Seoul's hidden treasures and cultural wonders.

1. Explore the Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village is one of the top things to see in Seoul, and it costs nothing to wander the charming neighborhood with a long history that dates back nearly 600 years.

Bukchon is a charming blend of old and new where you will find traditional Korean wooden houses known as 'Hanok' scattered down quaint, narrow alleyways. Many Hanok are now guesthouses, restaurants and tea houses, where you can easily spend several hours immersing yourself in Korean culture.

2. Go Hiking for Great Views

There are several parks in Seoul which you can enjoy for free, and the Bukhansan Park and Inwangsan Park offer great hikes with stunning views. The Bukhansan mountain sits on the northern tip of Seoul and it boasts remote temples, rushing streams and sharp peaks. The Inwangsan mountain offers an easier hike, but you can still catch a beautiful view. Both parks can be hiked through all seasons.

3. Wander Seoul Museums

There's no better place to start your visit to Seoul than with a trip to the National Museum of Korea. You can immerse yourself in Korean history from ancient times to the modern day. With tens of thousands of artifacts, you can spend a lot of time here.

While you have to pay for seasonal exhibitions, the permanent collection is free. For art-lovers, the Seoul Museum of Art also offers a free permanent collection, displaying pieces from the prominent Korean painter, Chun Kyung-ja.

4. Food Markets

No trip to Seoul would be complete without tasting some local delicacies. The tasting part usually costs you, but wandering the markets is a free way to take in the city’s delights.

For traditional Korean street food, head to Gwangjang Market. Here you can try a wide range of dishes including hotteok, which are stuffed pancakes and odeng, or fish cakes. Gwangjang is particularly famous for mayak kimbap, a sushi-like roll stuffed with carrot and pickled radish.

Another brilliant Seoul market is the Namdaemun Market, which is also the country's oldest and largest, dating back as far as the 1400s. Head to Foodie Alley to sample street foods like dakkochi, grilled chicken skewers, and tteokbokki, sticky rice cakes with a spicy red sauce. If you can, try and visit these markets on weekdays as they'll be a little less crowded.

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5. Find Peace for Free

Seoul's vibrant and colourful temples offer visitors a sanctuary of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Jogyesa Temple is one of the most important Buddhist temples in the country and it's located right in the center of Seoul. Surprisingly, it offers you a serene and calm setting in the middle of a hectic city.

The Bongeunsa Temple is another must-see Buddhist temple, dating back to 794. The highlight is a 28-metre stone statue of the future Buddha.

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