The Best Vacation Destinations for Introverts and Extroverts

People travel for different reasons. Some go to get away from it all, while others go to get a taste of it all. It’s the difference between extroverts and introverts, and if you consider yourself one or the other, it’s likely reflected in where you go and what you do.

Here are some of the best places around the for both travel types to explore:

Best places to travel for introverts


Bhutan is pretty remote, nestled as it is in the heights of the Himalayas, but it’s also one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries on earth in addition to being spiritually fulfilling. Imagine winding trails to remote temples, lush valleys, clear rushing water, and all the trappings of Shangri-La.

Anyone who’s looking to cleanse and reflect should consider a trip to Bhutan, and right after that they should consider the difficulty that comes with it. Bhutan has no relations with the U.S. and limits the amount of tourist visas it issues. Cost is also a factor -- be sure to consider the all-inclusive $250/day tourist fee.

Bhutan may be hard and expensive to get to, but appreciating the journey is part of the experience.

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Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

We’re resisting the urge to keep sending introverts to the ends of the earth, but Patagonia is worth it. The southern tip of South America features fjords straight out of Scandinavia and wildlife unlike any other place on earth. Staying at a remote lodge may make you feel like the only person on earth, and hikes through the rugged terrain are perfect for introspection and rumination.

The key to the region is Torres del Paine National Park, where you can see deer, pumas, flamingoes, guanacos, and even penguins. But there’s even more to explore in Patagonia, from kayaking the Straits of Magellan to skiing on Clarence Island.

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Montana, United States

The best way to approach a Montana vacation is like this: Watch the movie A River Runs Through It (or read the elegantly written book). If fly-fishing on a solitary mountain stream appeals to you, head to Montana.

While the Big Sky Country offers many ways to appreciate its wide-open spaces, fly-fishing lets you experience the simultaneous feelings of peace and wonder like nothing else.

If you’re new to the sport, consider booking a trip through Montana Angler Fly Fishing, where you can get trained in the rudiments and then escorted to your own stretch of clear, fast water where you’ll soon learn it’s not what you catch but how you go about catching it.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Cities and introverts don’t usually go well together, since cities suggest people and people are usually what introverts try to get away from.

However, Scandinavian cities have a healthy respect for people’s right to be left alone, and they’re scenic, meaning you can wander around Copenhagen or Oslo or Helsinki safely (since vehicular traffic is restricted in most of these cities) and at your own pace, just taking things in.

So why choose Stockholm among these cities? It’s a touch more sedate than Copenhagen and a bit more scenic than Oslo, making it the perfect combination of Scandinavian restraint, history, and activity. But introverts can’t go wrong with any of these destinations.

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Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido is as far away from the hubbub of Tokyo as you can get, both spiritually and geographically in Japan.

Take a sleek, quiet bullet train north and feel your tension melting away. On the rugged northern island you can explore isolated villages, craggy coastline and traditional bathhouses that draw their water from heated springs. In the summer the flower fields of Hokkaido are a sight to behold and a peaceful way to spend a day exploring.

In the winter the slopes around Niseko offer a more active getaway, though the real attractions for introverts can be found in the forests of Hokkaido, where many locals practice “forest bathing” – the idea of having the calm and peace of the forest literally wash you clean.

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Best places to travel for extroverts

New Orleans, United States

Great food and a party every night down on Bourbon Street – what’s not to love?

Obviously, Mardi Gras is the time for extroverts to really shine, but everything about New Orleans encourages all-in group participation, whether it’s sharing entrees at Commander’s Palace or checking out the music clubs in the French Quarter.

New Orleans offers great food and night life in a rather compact space, meaning that all those extroverts get to mix and mingle even more – which, let’s be honest, they’d probably do anyway.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio sees New Orleans and raises it 80 percent. The city is perhaps the extrovert’s capital of the world, and not just during Carnaval. Rio is all about seeing it, doing it, and flaunting it, so that everyone knows who you are and what you’re about.

The beaches are obviously the place to see and be seen, but the luxury shopping districts offer plenty of opportunity to show off, and even the classic trip up Sugarloaf Mountain to the statue of Christ the Redeemer is made for outgoing types.

Hong Kong

The dizzying energy of Hong Kong makes it a great destination for those of us that get energized by being around a lot of people. The city offers some of Asia’s most vibrant nightlife, and you’re always reminded of the compactness of the area and the population density every time you turn around, whether that’s hitting the hotspots in Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo or shopping in Causeway Bay or at the Temple Street Night Market.

Hong Kong is as much a spirit as a place, and that spirit is extremely outgoing.

Dominican Republic

The Caribbean is definitely extrovert-friendly, and the Dominican Republic is on the extreme end of the extrovert scale. Punta Cana might be the epicenter of extrovertism in the country, with its luxury resorts for singles and couples, fabulous nightlife, and beaches made for showing off.

The fact that the Dominican Republic is emerging as the go-to location for destination bachelor and bachelorette parties and destination weddings just adds fuel to this particular fire.

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Spain is Europe’s version of the Dominican Republic, and Ibiza is its version of Punta Cana, ratcheted up a couple of notches. That tells you just about everything you need to know, other than if you like nightclubs and warm sunshine, Ibiza is your best option.

However, there’s more to Spain than just Ibiza for extroverts. Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville are all cities with large personalities that align with people who want the world to take notice. Even smaller towns in the countryside and along the coast are meant for living large.

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