Why You Still Need Travel Insurance, Even with Flexible Cancellation Policies

It took forever, but it seems travel companies are finally cutting us some breaks with their cancellation and rescheduling policies.

“Can’t travel because of the pandemic? No problem! We’ll waive your change fees – or even refund your fare. Can’t make your motel stay? No sweat! It’s fully refundable!”

In light of these changes many companies have been making, you may be wondering: Why do we need travel insurance if we’re likely to get our money back if we can’t travel?

Actually, there are many sound reasons why travel insurance remains vitally important. Here are some of the top ones:

Trip Interruption

Sure, you may get a refund if you have to cancel a trip before you leave, but what if you have to cancel halfway through your trip?

Most travel suppliers are still hesitant to shell out to make you whole after you’ve consumed half or more of your trip. If that’s a possibility for you (and pro tip: it is for most travelers who have major trip issues), then it’s absolutely in your best interest to buy travel insurance to help protect your travels.

In addition, the Trip Interruption coverage in Generali’s plans can help reimburse you for an emergency flight home or other travel arrangements if you have to interrupt your trip for a covered reason.

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Emergency Medical Coverage

No amount of hotel room refunds are going to help if you have a medical emergency when you’re traveling and have to seek medical assistance.

Even if you’re only traveling in the United States for now, not all medical providers are a slam-dunk to be in your health insurance network – and if you’re bleeding profusely or in searing pain from a broken ankle, you’re probably not going to make small talk about network status.

Having travel insurance with coverage for medical emergencies is your best protection against catastrophic medical bills wrecking your vacation.

Furthermore, having emergency medical protection and trip interruption coverage in one package makes it possible for your medical bills to be covered and your prepaid trip costs reimbursed if you have to interrupt your trip because of a serious accident or illness.

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Medical Evacuation

Similarly, emergency medical evacuation is not something that people are handing out refunds for. In fact, it’s consistently one of the most expensive travel emergencies you’ll encounter.

Even if you’re traveling domestically, medical evacuation can be a logistical and financial nightmare. Imagine what it would take to get you out of the Alaskan bush or off of an Hawaiian pali.

Emergency medical evacuation sounds like one of those, “oh, it’ll never happen to me” sorts of coverages … until it happens to you.

Why take unnecessary chances? Emergency medical evacuation coverage is an essential part of any travel protection plan.

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Luggage Protection

Travel times have changed, but a hotel is still not going to reimburse you if your luggage is stolen out of your room.

In addition, your bags won’t be handled with any more loving care than they were a year ago.

Because the root causes of lost and damaged luggage haven’t changed, it makes sense to provide added protection to your travels with travel insurance that helps protect your belongings.

And that doesn’t mean the so-called “insurance” that comes with your credit card, either. That generally only works with items you buy on that card, and only comes with some cards.

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Travel Assistance

Again, regardless of whether you’re now allowed to change flights without incurring a change fee, you’re still going to have to make that change, and that can still be a daunting process.

On top of that, passports can still get lost and people are possibly still going to need directions.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that human-to-human interaction is a needed and beneficial thing. That makes travel assistance from live operators an extremely valuable commodity.

Every Generali plan comes with 24/7 travel assistance and concierge services – so no matter where you travel or what you do, you have expert backup ready and willing to help.

Sure, travel suppliers may be cutting customers some breaks right now; it’s the appropriate thing to do. And in the process, it points to the value of travel protection.

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