Astrology and Travel: Where the Signs Say You Should Go

Some people still consider astrology to be a lot of hoo-ha – but if you truly have never read your horoscope and thought “that’s me” at least once, raise your hand.

Astrology can even help us determine the best places for us to travel, and the best vacations to take.

Based on a very general reading of the signs and stars, here are some of the best places to go and vacations for you to consider based on your astrological sign.

Travel ideas for your astrological sign


Aries is all about physical activity, so try a destination that combines fitness with spirituality – something like a mindful running retreat in Moab, Utah. People train for ultra-marathons in Moab, but you don’t have to get that intense. You just have to be up for four-to-five-mile daily runs through crazy amazing scenery along with yoga, meditation, workshops, and healthy (but delicious) eating.

You’re good with that – right, Aries?

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Taurus is the sign of the foodie, and for them, it’s tough to top a gastronomic tour of France. Whether Taurus chooses an organized group tour or a self-guided tour that lets travelers follow their own path at their own pace, they’re sure to enjoy amazing cuisine and unforgettable experiences – something else that’s right up Taurus’ alley.

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Gemini are lovers of knowledge, language, and books, so what better than a trip to England’s Lake District, the home of William Wordsworth (“I wandered lonely as a cloud”), Samuel Taylor Coleridge (“Rime of the Ancient Mariner”), and so many other romantic poets?

Since Gemini like to be outdoors and are ruled by air, a walking tour of the region followed by a long weekend in London, one of the world’s greatest walking cities, might be just the ticket – a perfect balance of time to muse and ponder and time to explore and experience.

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Cancer doesn’t want to think about their trip; they just want to go. For them, a cruise, any cruise, is the trip of choice (with the double bonus of Cancer being ruled by water). Pick a destination, climb aboard a ship, and everything else is settled. Perfection for those born under the crab sign.

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Given that Leo loves being the center of attention, their best bet is Carnaval in Rio, where the people who love to show off most do their showing off. Carnaval is the only celebration that can make Mardi Gras look like a church-basement Christmas pageant, and it seems to get bigger and more colorful each year. Leos rejoice.

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In contrast, Virgo favors health, wellness, and rejuvenation, meaning a trip to Nayara Springs, Costa Rica, is in order. Spas and resorts deep in the rainforest offer yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and holistic spa treatments.

Who knows – maybe you can convince your favorite Leo to join you right after Carnaval.

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Libra are great conversationalists and social butterflies who love dynamic cities – which definitely suggests a trip to and through the theatre districts of either New York or London. Go with friends, make new friends, eat well, dress for the occasion, see the shows and shop during the day … Libra heaven.


Passion and mystery drive Scorpio, with the extra boost of being driven by water. Passion, water, mystery … how about a diving tour of Captain Kidd’s wrecked pirate ship off the coast of the Dominican Republic? It doesn’t get much more passionate and mysterious than pirates.


Sagittarians are open-minded and look for deeper meaning wherever they go, and where they should go is Japan, where they can journey around the Temple Circuit, a 1,200-kilometer loop on the island of Shikoku that includes stops at 88 Buddhist temples. The circuit is laid out as a path to enlightenment, which is right up Sagittarians’ alley – especially if it includes a night in the Ginza before heading home.

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Capricorns are hard workers who value the earth, so climbing a mountain? Why not try Mauna Kea in Hawaii. It’s not the easiest climb but it’s not impossible, and it’s beautiful and it’s in Hawaii. Definitely Capricorn-approved.

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Aquarians care about the planet and its people, which screams voluntourism. There are so many amazing voluntourism opportunities around the globe it’s hard to know where to start, but special kudos to Orbis Expeditions’ Women’s Partnership Challenge trip to Malawi, which pairs up visitors with female entrepreneurs to build connections and businesses.

Amazing, and totally Aquarian.


Pisces also favors the mystical and spiritual, with perhaps a dose of fantasy. Given that, may we suggest a tour of southern China that includes stops in Qibao, at the UNESCO World Heritage Site on Mount Huangshan and at the Buddhist temple on Mount Jiuhua, capped off by a trip to Shanghai Disneyland? No matter how you like your mysticism and fantasy, this trip has you covered.

Looking through the lens of astrology is a different, fun way to look at travel, isn’t it? And remember that no matter how you like to travel, Generali Global Assistance has a travel protection plan to help protect your travel investment.

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