FAQ: When does my travel protection plan go into effect and when does it end?

The Trip Cancellation coverage included with your plan goes into effect the day after you purchase travel protection at 12:01 a.m. On your scheduled departure date, once you begin your trip, you can no longer file a claim for Trip Cancellation.

As soon as you depart, the other coverages in your plan become effective, including Medical and Dental, Trip Interruption, Travel Delay, Emergency Assistance and Transportation, Baggage and more. Those coverages end as soon as one of these occurs: You return from your trip, the trip is completed, your scheduled return date arrives (unless you qualify for extension of coverage), or your arrival at the destination on a one-way trip.

Once you’re home, you can continue to claim for covered Medical and Dental costs that occur within one year from the date of your Sickness or Injury that occurred during your trip.

A variety of Travel Services are included with your plan. Concierge Services are available to use as soon as you purchase your plan and end when you return. Travel Support Services can be used during your trip. ID Theft Resolution Services are also available for a full 180 days starting on the scheduled departure date.