Travel Insurance for France

A land known for the Eiffel Tower, the French Riviera, breathtaking art and exquisite bread, wine and cheese — it’s no surprise you want to go to France. To help secure your plans to visit the sights, stroll through French cities, and sample delicious foods, make sure you incorporate travel protection from Generali Global Assistance.

Our plans add a level of protection to give you peace of mind, especially when you're traveling internationally and far from your home base. Let’s discuss what you should consider while preparing and planning for your trip to France from the United States.

Traveling to France: What Do You Need?


Your passport should have 3 months of validity at minimum, although 6 months is preferable. There should also be one blank page to stamp in the passport. Keep in mind that if you want to enter France, you can’t use a U.S. emergency passport.


Whether you’re entering France for business or pleasure, US citizens can do so without a visa for up to 90 days. Have proof of funds on hand in case you're asked to verify.

Travel Insurance

Entering France doesn’t require travel insurance, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to have it just in case. As much as all world travelers want their trip to go smoothly, anything can happen, from minor mishaps to major setbacks. Travel insurance provides a level of protection and benefit for things you can't plan for.

What Kind of Travel Insurance Do You Need for France?

Travel-Related Coverage

You may have a well-planned itinerary, but travel can and will be unpredictable. The average traveler can encounter potentially trip-wrecking events like natural disasters or flight delays at any time — two instances over which you have no control. Travel insurance can provide security in those situations, assisting with the financial strain of a missed flight or upended plans.

Medical Travel Coverage

Unfortunately, medical emergencies can occur regardless of where you are. Medical and Dental coverage is an important consideration for anyone dealing with pre-existing medical conditions, which can be covered with our Premium Plan if certain requirements are met.

In case you require specialized treatment local hospitals can't provide, this Plan can also provide coverage for medical emergency evacuation.

Coverage for Other Unexpected Incidents

You've spent the time to plan your trip, but what happens if something goes wrong before your departure? You may have to push it back or cancel altogether. Travel insurance can provide coverage for certain unanticipated and stressful incidents, which can range from losing your job to the death of a family member. Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage for these incidents is important, especially if you booked your trip far in advance of when you’re leaving.

How Do You Get Travel Protection for France?

You'll also want to consider when you plan to buy your travel protection in the first place. The best thing you can do is look into travel insurance before you start making arrangements for your adventure in France, making a note of the different types of coverage you can get and weighing the pros and cons.

You can then purchase the travel protection as soon as you book your travel — for instance, you may choose to buy your plane tickets and your coverage on the same day. Pay special attention if you're buying anything that’s nonrefundable – those are the costs you want to insure.

Determine the Type of Coverage You Need

Generali Global Assistance offers three types of travel protection plans: a Standard Plan, a Preferred Plan and, a Premium Plan.

The plans share a few key elements — for instance, each of these plans offers 100% coverage for Trip Cancellation, so you won't have to worry about covered events that might wreck your trip. Other aspects will differ depending on your needs. For example, when it comes to Emergency Assistance and Transportation coverage, the Standard Plan will offer less coverage than the Preferred Plan, while the Premium Plan will offer maximum coverage out of the three. The same is true for Medical and Dental and other coverages.

Finding the right travel protection plan for your needs will depend on multiple factors, such as your overall preference, what you feel comfortable with, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions and more.

Get a Quote

To start your research into travel protection for your trip to France, you should get a free quote. Enter that you’re going to Europe, then France, and follow that up with your departure and return dates. You’ll input how many travelers to insure and in what state they live, ages, and the total trip cost.

Then, our website will show a comparison of each of the three plans and the price for each one.

Finalize Your Plan

Once you review your baseline quotes, you may consider coverage add-ons to increase the range of your coverage. For instance, Rental Car Damage coverage (not available to Texas residents) is included with the Premium Plan, but needs to be added to the others, and can be a good choice if you're planning to do a lot of driving in crowded cities like Paris.

Trip Cancellation for Any Reason coverage (CFAR) is available for an extra charge only in the Premium Plan, and can benefit travelers who want coverage no matter what might disrupt their travel plans.

Note: Trip Cancellation for Any Reason coverage is not available to residents of New York and other eligibility requirements apply.


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