6 Great Multigenerational Trips and Travel Destinations

The time to take a multigenerational trip is now! One of the reasons people can’t wait to become grandparents is so they can do things with their young ones. And one of the most enjoyable and educational things grandparents can do with grandkids is travel.

Frankly, even a trip to the local park, greenhouse, or museum can be special grandparent-grandkid time. However, if you’re looking to really build some indelible memories, these destinations come highly recommended.


Hawaii is a classic family destination that’s perfect for multigenerational travel. Rent a vacation home with a lanai and spend your mornings snacking on fresh pineapple and exploring the exotic flora and fauna, and then investigate the beach, the mountains or even another island in the afternoon.

A Hawaii vacation can supply the perfect balance between quiet family time and incredible activities.

Extra-Special: Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is educational and awesome, even when the volcanoes aren’t actively erupting (check before you go). And who could say no to a Hawaii Cowboy Adventure from Paniolo Adventures?

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National Parks

The wild open spaces are a perfect place for grandparents to take late grade-school and middle-school grandkids – even if they don’t think of themselves as the “outdoor type.”

While the most popular parks are popular for good reason, crowds can mar the outdoor experience. To beat the crowds at popular parks, get there when the park opens or try alternate entry points, like the Tennessee 73 entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Crowd-Beater Tip: State parks, national forests, and national seashores are great alternatives to national parks. For instance, instead of Indiana Dunes National Park, try Warren Dunes or Saugatuck Dunes state parks in Michigan. Instead of Sequoia National Park in California, try Big Basin or Portola Redwoods state parks.

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Carnival and Royal Caribbean focus on their amusement-park-on-a-ship amenities. Some ships offer dedicated children’s programs, activities and entertainment, so parents and grandparents can catch a breather. The food choices guarantee that no one will go hungry. And beach days allow for plenty of sand ‘n’ surf time.

Expert Advice: Once an intergenerational cruise extends past five days and all the ziplines have been zipped and the water slides slid down, good feelings can start to fray. Keep the cruises on the shorter side, at least to start.

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You might think of a European vacation as something meant for the post-Madeline group, and while it’s true that older grandkids may have a greater appreciation for European art and history, kids of any age will be wide-eyed seeing Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

It’s important to “prime the pump” before a European trip, especially with younger travelers. Read books and watch movies (like Paddington) to build anticipation for what’s to come, and be sure to allow plenty of down time and play time in between the big activities.

Don’t Forget: Jet lag is real. Don’t schedule fancy dinners, tours or early-morning outings until later in your trip. Keep the first two or three days light and flexible with rest opportunities in between.

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Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is a perfect destination for a true family getaway. Rent a vacation home near the beach, pack in some groceries, and just kick back. Head to the beach when you feel like it, grab a snack, swim a little, watch the sun set, and let the days flow by.

If you’re looking to mix things up, the Caribbean also gives you plenty of options. For older grandkids and fans of an active lifestyle, consider a “wilder” island like Dominica. Fans of water activities might prefer Aruba or St. Kitts.

No matter your family’s preferences, there’s something to love in the Caribbean.

Where To Go: Puerto Rico has a little bit of everything – beaches, rainforests, and lots of vacation rentals. It’s also part of the U.S., so no passports are necessary.

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Washington, D.C.

It’s no exaggeration – and no insult – to say that Washington, D.C., is like a theme park of American history.

However, there’s more to Washington than just big buildings and monuments. The National Air and Space Museum is extremely interactive, the National Museum of Natural History is perfect for the dinosaur lover in all of us, and the National Zoo is better than ever.

Even better, the National Mall offers green space – space to run around and yell and burn off some energy before heading back indoors to the statues and exhibits.

Extra-Special: Got a sleuth in the family? No Washington trip would be complete for them without a trip to the Spy Museum.

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