How Travel Medical Insurance Can Help Protect You – Even When You’re Back Home

TLDR: Medical & Dental coverage from Generali covers a travel-related illness or injury through the course of treatment up to the plan maximum and will continue to pay eligible medical expenses for up to one year after the time of the illness or injury.

Everyone knows how important travel medical insurance can be when you’re traveling. But did you know that Medical & Dental coverage that comes with travel insurance can continue to be a vital part of your treatment and recovery when you get back home?

It’s true – travel medical insurance can keep paying bills to the plan maximum up to one year after the time of the illness or injury even when you return home.

Here’s how and why.

Medical emergencies can linger

It would be nice if every travel medical mishap would be a sprained toe or a case of the flu, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Some medical emergencies can linger after the patient has been transferred back home.

Because Medical & Dental coverage from Generali covers a travel-related illness or injury through the course of treatment up to the plan maximum, it will continue to pay medical expenses for up to one year after the time of the sickness or injury, regardless of where the patient is at that time.

For instance, Generali Global Assistances Premium Plan covers up to $250,000 per person in qualifying medical and dental expenses incurred while traveling, including:

  • Services of physicians and registered nurses
  • Hospital charges
  • Local ambulance services
  • Prescription drugs and medicines

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Let’s look at some cases where this facet of travel medical insurance might come into play.

Follow-up medical visits

Here’s a simple example: You fall down a mountain and break your ankle. You had to be airlifted off the mountain to a medical facility, and then you were transported home.

Already there’s a lot in that example that speaks to the power of Emergency Assistance & Transportation coverage – initial treatment for the broken ankle, and then having to be airlifted.

However, once you’re home your ankle still isn’t healed. Perhaps it requires additional surgery; at the very least, it requires you to see a doctor every couple of weeks to monitor the healing process.

Not just that, but you’ll also need X-rays and MRIs and maybe some crutches, a scooter or even a wheelchair to get around.

Because you’re stateside it’s possible that your health insurance will cover many of these expenses – though it’s also possible that they won’t.

But if your medical plan doesn’t cover these visits, or cover them completely, your travel medical plan may help pay for them up to the plan maximum, including co-pays or deductibles.

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Physical therapy

Same injury – but now you have to regain range of motion in your ankle and perhaps even learn to walk again.

It’s not a slam dunk that your medical plan will cover all the expenses associated with this – the therapy appointments, braces, or more.

However, your travel protection plan from Generali Global Assistance may cover these expenses until you’ve exhausted your plan maximum.

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Medical complications

Injuries can be complicated. Just for the sake of argument, suppose they had to do surgery on your ankle, sent you home, and then you developed an infection and need hospitalization or more treatment.

Well, who’s going to pay for it?

Your health insurance company? Maybe, depending on their rules regarding complications related to ankle surgeries performed while you were abroad.

Your health insurer may not pay, but your travel medical insurance may, up to the plan maximum. It’s peace of mind that extends way beyond your trip.

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Subsequent surgeries

While you can’t always be sure about your health plan, your travel medical insurance may cover you up to the plan max, provided it’s within that one-year window.

No one wants to think about these scenarios, but the fact is they happen. Fortunately, travel insurance is there to help pay the medical bills while people who have been injured while traveling recover from their injuries – overseas or back home.

That’s a great reason to choose a Generali travel protection plan – and a great reason to get a quote today.


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