Be Festival Smart and Keep Your Valuables Safe with These Tips

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There’s nothing quite like the energy and excitement of traveling to a festival with your friends, but having a phone or wallet stolen can really ruin the experience. Make the most of your adventure while keeping your belongings safe and secure with our top tips on protecting those high-value items.

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Dress for safety

  • Try to incorporate clothing to your outfit that will help you keep belongings safe, such as jackets with zipped pockets, bum bags, and small crossbody bags with zip closures.

  • Keep items in front pockets rather than back, and depending on the size, you could store small items or money in a pouch inside your shoes while wearing them.

  • When carrying money and cards, try to spread them around your pockets, to minimize the risk of being left with nothing if you do get pickpocketed. 

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Pack smart

Of course, the first thing to think about when packing is to leave as many valuables as possible at home!

  • Consider taking an older mobile phone rather than an expensive model. You’ll still be able to keep in contact with friends but there’s much less risk of it being stolen—which would also leave you unable to contact anyone!

  • Only pack things that are completely necessary, and aim to bring nothing valuable such as jewelry.

  • At the campsite, try to make friends with neighboring tents and offer to watch out for each other, as this can be a great deterrent for thieves. Consider using a lock on your tent. It could provide protection for valuables, but a lock could also attract unwanted attention. Another option is to store any expensive items at the bottom of your sleeping bag while you’re asleep.

  • You can also see if there are any lockers on site. Festivals are increasingly offering these and you can share the cost with friends to store your most valuable items such as passports and credit cards.

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Prepare a backup plan

  • In case of loss, change the lock screen on your phone to the contact number of a friend so it’s much easier to return if someone else were to find it.

  • Check your insurance policy to make sure you’re covered for all your belongings before going away and take pictures of any valuable items such as bank cards. Consider getting a travel insurance plan if you’re traveling to the festival. Be sure to choose one that includes coverage for bags and valuables that might be stolen, lost or damaged on your trip.

  • At the festival, report any thefts immediately so you have a written report from security that will make potential claims much more straightforward.


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