Generali Global Assistance Enhances Hurricane Resources Center

San Diego, CA – Sept. 7, 2021


Generali Global Assistance (“GGA”) today announced that it has enhanced its Hurricane Resources Center by adding new hurricane-related information and communication tools for use by its travel insurance and vacation rental protection partners. The updated resource center includes information kits to help partners prepare for and deal with a hurricane or tropical storm should it impact their travelers or rental properties.

Also, GGA regularly updates its Travel Insurance Alerts page to keep its members informed as tropical storms escalate into hurricanes.

Chris Carnicelli, CEO of Generali Global Assistance, commented on the news, “The last thing travelers want is the trip they’ve been planning over the past year to get cancelled by something as unpredictable as a hurricane. As a leading vacation rental protection and travel insurance provider, unpredictable events like these are top of mind for us, which is why we felt providing the up-to-date guidance is a crucial part of being a lifetime partner.”

As we enter the peak of hurricane season, Generali Global Assistance reminds travelers to keep the following information in mind:

  • Always travel with a downloaded or hard copy of your Description of Coverage/Policy so you can contact the insurer, even if you don’t have internet access.
  • Since advanced warning about hurricanes is not always guaranteed, travelers should keep up to date on the latest information about possible storms before and during their trip.
  • Travelers whose vacation destination is in a common hurricane zone should learn how to prepare for an emergency if need be. FEMA has created a website that describes how travelers can prepare in case this type of unexpected situation arises.
  • Hurricanes and adverse weather can disrupt flights and separate you from your baggage. Travelers can minimize this inconvenience by packing necessities in their carry-on bags.

Jason Sprenkle, CEO of Key Data commented: “With 78% of travelers that are likely to book a Vacation Rental over all other accommodation in the next 18 months, according to the recent GGA survey, insuring your trip and getting travel protection to guard your vacation investment from certain unforeseen events, such as hurricanes, fires or other natural disasters that might otherwise cost you a bundle is necessary. Life is unpredictable and it is best to be prepared.

Vacation Rental Specific Tips

  • It’s important to keep in mind that vacation home rentals in popular coastal locations are also impacted by severe weather events.  Once a hurricane is named or its travel disruption becomes public knowledge, the event is considered foreseeable, meaning an insurance plan can no longer be purchased to cover related losses.
  • While location does not alter level of coverage, many locations prone to severe weather events enact separate regulations around the insurance requirements for vacation rentals. Customers should be educated on the local regulatory requirements to make sure they have the appropriate coverage.
  • Oftentimes the main impact of hurricanes on vacation rentals is mandatory evacuation. If guests are evacuated during their trip, Vacation Rental Insurance can often reimburse out-of-pocket costs incurred during the trip. Vacation Home Rental Guests should also be aware that coverage will vary based on the timing of any mandatory evacuations.

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